The Curtis faculty includes a high proportion of eminent performing musicians who connect students to life as a successful professional musician today. Their unmatched musical lineage, in turn, links students to the classical masters. Curtis's 113-member faculty also includes highly credentialed instructors in musical studies, liberal arts, and career studies. 

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Thomas Apple

Foundations, Literature, Drama Workshop

Shmuel Ashkenasi

Violin, Chamber Music (Strings)

Stefano Baldasseroni

Italian Diction Coach

David Bilger

Trumpet, Orchestral Repertoire (Brass), Chamber Music (Winds)

Blair Bollinger

Bass Trombone, Orchestral Repertoire (Brass), Chamber Music (Brass)

Katelyn Bouska

Keyboard Studies, Supplementary Piano

Carter Brey

Nina and Billy Albert Chair in Cello Studies

Paul Bryan

Elements of Conducting

Ke-Chia Chen

Core Studies, Young Artists Initiative

Mia Chung

Interpretive Analysis

Vinson Cole

Voice (adjunct)

Jonathan Coopersmith

Chair of Musical Studies
Core Studies, Music History, Advanced Conducting

Jeffrey Curnow

Chamber Music (Brass)

Elizabeth De Trejo

Voice (adjunct)

Roberto Díaz

President and CEO
Nina von Maltzahn President's Chair
James and Betty Matarese Chair in Viola Studies
Viola, Orchestral Repertoire (Strings)

Julia Faulkner

Voice (adjunct)

Tim Fitts

Foundations and Creative Writing

Pamela Frank

Herbert R. and Evelyn Axelrod Chair in Violin Studies
Violin, Chamber Music (Strings)

Edward Gazouleas

Visiting Viola Faculty

Matthew Glandorf

Career Studies, Counterpoint, Preparatory Solfège, Madrigals, Sacred Music Seminar, Curtis Collegium

Gary Graffman

Piano, Chamber Music

Gordana-Dana Grozdanic

German, Literature, Ethics

Elizabeth Hainen

Maryjane Mayhew Barton Chair in Harp Studies
Harp, Chamber Music

David Hayes

Staff Conductor

Jennifer Higdon

Milton L. Rock Chair in Composition Studies

Steven Holochwost

Career Studies

Ashley Hsu

Musical Studies

Mary Javian

Chair of Career Studies

Elena Jivaeva

Staff Pianist

Philip J. Kass

Curator of String Instruments, History of the Violin

Ida Kavafian

Nina von Maltzahn Chair in Violin Studies
Violin, Orchestral Repertoire (Strings), Chamber Music (Strings)

Lisa Keller

Master Opera Coach

Jeffrey Khaner

Flute, Chamber Music 

Jungeun Kim

Director of Instrumental Accompaniment

Craig Knox

Tuba, Orchestral Repertoire (Brass), Chamber Music (Brass)

Paul Krzywicki

Tuba, Orchestral Repertoire (Brass)

Ford Mylius Lallerstedt

Advanced Musical Studies Analysis Seminar

Jeffrey Lang

Horn, Chamber Music (Winds), Orchestral Repertoire (Brass)

Bryan Lee

Dover Quartet, Penelope P. Watkins Ensemble in Residence
Chamber Music

Jack Li Vigni

Voice (adjunct)

Joel Link

Dover Quartet, Penelope P. Watkins Ensemble in Residence
Chamber Music

Meng-Chieh Liu

Piano, Chamber Music

Don Liuzzi

Timpani and Percussion, Orchestral Repertoire (Percussion)

Grant Loehnig

Master Opera Coach

Mei Lu

English as a Second Language

David Serkin Ludwig

Gie and Lisa Liem Artistic Advisor to the President
Chair of Composition Studies
Director, Ensemble 20/21
Artistic Director, Curtis Summerfest

Daniel Matsukawa

Bassoon, Chamber Music (Woodwinds), Woodwind Ensemble Coordinator, Orchestral Repertoire (Woodwinds)

Patricia McCaffrey

Voice (adjunct)

Robert McDonald

Penelope P. Watkins Chair in Piano Studies
Piano, Chamber Music

Daniel McDougall

Career Studies

Jeanne M. McGinn

Ruth W. and A. Morris Williams Jr. Chair of Liberal Arts
Foundations, Literature, Creative Writing

Joseph P. McGinn

Philosophy and Ethics

Ghenady Meirson

Russian Repertoire Coach

Caroline Meline

Philosophy and Ethics

Edgar Meyer

Double Bass


Dorothy Richard Starling Chair in Violin Studies

Violin, Career Studies

Eric Millstein

Percussion, Orchestral Repertoire (Percussion)

Jennifer Montone

Horn, Orchestral Repertoire (Brass)

Adrian Morejon

Chamber Music (Woodwinds)

Alan Morrison

Haas Charitable Trust Chair in Organ Studies
Organ, Sacred Music Seminar, Career Studies

Yannick Nézet-Séguin

Mentor Conductor

Susan Nowicki

Master Opera Coach

Eric Owens

Director, Vocal Studies and the Curtis Opera Theatre

Milena Pajaro-van de Stadt

Dover Quartet, Penelope P. Watkins Ensemble in Residence
Chamber Music

Jin Hyun Park

Staff Pianist

Thomas Patteson

Music History

Carla Puppin

Art History

Chas Rader-Shieber

Resident Stage Director

Miloš Repický

Master Opera Coach

Reese Revak

Opera and Voice Coach, Staff Pianist

Harold Hall Robinson

A. Margaret Bok Chair in Double Bass Studies
Double Bass, Orchestral Repertoire (Strings)

Chris Rogerson

Core Studies, Young Artists Initiative

Michael Rusinek

Chamber Music (Woodwinds)

Harvey Sachs

Music History Seminars

Keiko Sato

Supplementary Piano

Leon Schelhase

Secondary Harpsichord, Curtis Collegium

Bill Schuman

Voice (adjunct)

Eric Sessler

Core Studies, Musical Form & Analysis, Post-Tonal Harmony, Analysis Electives

Ulrike Shapiro

German Diction Coach

Camden Shaw

Dover Quartet, Penelope P. Watkins Ensemble in Residence
Chamber Music

Ignat Solzhenitsyn

Piano, Chamber Music

Manuel Sosa

Solfège, Dictation

David Starobin

Fondation Charidu Chair in Guitar Studies
Guitar, Chamber Music

Jeffrey Stein

Presentation and Oral Practice

Arnold Steinhardt

Violin, Chamber Music (Strings)

Eva-Maria Swidler

History, Environmental and Social Sciences

Steven Tenenbom

Chamber Music Coordinator, Chamber Music (Strings)

Robert van Sice

Percussion, Chamber Music

Matthew Vaughn

Trombone, Orchestral Repertoire (Brass)

Jason Vieaux

Guitar, Chamber Music

Yu Xi Wang

Director of Keyboard Studies, Supplementary Piano

Thomas Weaver

Core Studies, Keyboard Studies, Supplementary Piano

Eric Wen

Core Studies, Musical Form & Analysis, Music History Electives, Young Artists Initiative

Peter Wiley

Bruce Jay Gould, M.D. Chair, in honor of Orlando Cole
Cello, Orchestral Repertoire (Strings), Chamber Music (Strings)

Ting Ting Wong

Staff Pianist

Richard Woodhams

Oboe, Orchestral Repertoire

Amy Yang

Staff Pianist
Young Artist Initiative Chamber Music Mentor