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About the Rock Resource Center

  • Our Mission

    Comprising the John de Lancie Library and the Curtis Archives, the Rock Resource Center’s mission is to:

    • provide Curtis students, faculty, and staff with the best possible collection of printed music, books, periodicals, recordings, and electronic resources needed to fulfill the school’s mission;
    • promote the Rock Resource Center’s holdings through forward thinking and open patron service; and
    • preserve and make Curtis’s past accessible to the greater Curtis community.
  • Meet the Staff

    Emily Waters, Associate Dean of the John de Lancie Library

    E: emily.waters@curtis.edu

    P: (215) 717-3123


    Pete Williams, Director of the Rock Resource Center

    E: peter.williams@curtis.edu

    P: (215) 717-3147


    Barbara Benedett, Senior Archivist

    E: barbara.benedett@curtis.edu

    P: (215) 717-3139


    Aliyah Shanti, Assistant Librarian of Systems and Cataloging

    E: aliyah.shanti@curtis.edu

    P: (215) 717-3156


    Judy Belland, Circulation Manager

    E: judy.belland@curtis.edu


    Sheralyn Milton, Archivist for Digital Collections

    E: sheralyn.milton@curtis.edu

  • Statement on Offensive or Problematic Materials

    The Rock Resource Center, including both the library and archives of the Curtis Institute of Music, collects, preserves, and provides access to historical materials for performance, research and other educational purposes. These materials represent the values and opinions of their creators and may contain language or images that are offensive or objectionable. Providing access to these materials allows us to hold the creators accountable and learn from the past.

    The Rock Resource Center staff supports the values voiced by the greater Curtis community, including openness, compassion, empathy, respect, and transparency.

The John de Lancie Library

The library, housed in the Rock Resource Center at 1720 Locust Street, contains over 100,000 volumes of print and digital music scores and books, including scholarly sets of composers’ complete works, authoritative editions of the standard repertoire, and recordings. The library also subscribes to a number of digital sheet music services, industry publications, and research databases.

For more information on lending policies, library services, and requesting items, please see our guide to library policies and procedures.

Curtis Archives

The Curtis Archives document the history and legacy of the Curtis Institute of Music by preserving records of permanent historical value. Welcoming both the Curtis community and the general public, the Archives offer diverse collections that encompass the entirety of the Curtis experience. For more information about our collections, visiting procedures, and donations, visit our guide.