Community Artist Fellowships

Curtis alumni bring their artistry to underserved communities in Philadelphia through Community Artist Fellowships. Community Artist Fellows are placed in existing partnerships between Curtis and institutions such as schools, hospitals, prisons, and rehabilitation centers. They follow a flexible schedule that balances their work in the community alongside practice and performance time. Community Artist Fellowships tailor placements to the discipline, experience, and interests of young Curtis alumni and extends, where possible, work they may have begun as Curtis students through the Community Artist Program (CAP).

Completion of a Community Artist Fellowship will result in the receipt of a Post-Baccalaureate Diploma.

More Information

Contact Mary Javian, chair of career studies
(215) 717-3149


“I am very grateful for the opportunity to showcase the work that I have done. I have written about 700 Shakespearean-style sonnets and I had the music in my head to [this] song for about two years. The music would not have come out and my song would not come to life. You guys made it possible.”

– Arthur R. Cohen, Resident, Project HOME


“Curtis and Project HOME have something very much in common. Bill Clinton once said that ‘Potential is equally distributed everywhere, but opportunity isn’t.’ And Curtis is such a phenomenal home for opportunity for so many incredibly talented musicians … Project HOME is the same by providing affordable housing, education, employment, and healthcare. We see the potential of some of the men, women, and children who have been denied that opportunity for so long actually flourish by having the opportunity of a safe place to call home. So we love that connection with Curtis.”

– Sister Mary Scullion, Founder, Project HOME


“[Having Stanislav Chernyshev (Clarinet ’14)] at South Philadelphia High School has been a total game changer for our program. In addition to his tremendous artistry, he brought resourcefulness and industriousness enough to navigate all the challenges of Philly public schools and bring a concert band to fruition.”

– Louis Russo, Music Director, South Philadelphia High School


“The fact that (our workshop participants) are incarcerated does not limit the richness of their talents, abilities, and humanity. It does limit their ability to be heard. Through my work with CAP, and now going forward as a Community Artist Fellow in the 2017–18 school year, I’ve committed to making music with the incarcerated people at Graterford. They continue to write new songs, and we will record an album this year. … My goal is to help bring these voices back into the broader community.”

– Emily Cooley (Composition ’17), Community Artist Fellow


“The work of the ArtistYear Fellows at Kate’s Place, a permanent housing residence for low-income men and women, was influential, extraordinarily impactful, and everlasting. Residents there were able to find a voice for their thoughts and experiences through the work with the ArtistYear Fellows, who passionately and patiently worked alongside them to create beautiful music. We are forever grateful for Rimbo and T.J. for their commitment to the Project HOME community, and know that their work with us will be felt for years to come.”

– Elle Gordon, Volunteer and In-Kind Gifts Coordinator, Project HOME


“During my ArtistYear, I realized that composition is not solely a form of self-expression; when used as a toolbox, it can also give voice to those who haven’t had access to the necessary tools to showcase their creativity. Everyone is creative in their own way, and everyone has something unique and valid to say.”

– T.J. Cole (ArtistYear ’17)