Caroline Meline

Liberal Arts

Caroline W. Meline is an accomplished author of numerous published articles, both popular and scholarly, and she joined the faculty of the Curtis Institute of Music in 2014.

Dr. Meline received her Ph.D. from Temple University in 2004, with a dissertation entitled The Creative Dimension of Subjectivity in Lacan, Freud, and Winnicott. Her latest project is a book, The Constant Dieter: A Determinist’s Guide to the Philosophy and Practice of Losing Weight. 

Dr. Meline has worked as a freelance journalist and art critic, specializing in photography as an art form. She is an adjunct professor of philosophy at St. Joseph’s University.

What do you enjoy most about being a teacher at Curtis?

I enjoy exposure to the students and other faculty and the music performances.

What has been a highlight or favorite moment of your career?

I have a writing career and a teaching career. Every newspaper or magazine article publication was a highlight of my writing career. The highlight of my teaching career is every time I make an unexpected connection in the aspects of the topic of a course and share my excitement with the students.

What has been one of your best memories while at Curtis?

A recent good memory is a class where all 8 students were present, and one student made a joke related to the content of the course, and everyone shared a laugh together. The sense of unity is nourishing.