Student Life

The Office of Student Life provides resources and support to students to complement their musical pursuits. Our guiding philosophy is that when basic needs and psychosocial needs are met, the student is enabled to realize their full potential. To this end, Student Life sponsors New Student Orientation, the Peer Ambassador program, and the annual Wellness Day, and is the liaison for residence life, wellness services, international student services, the CARE Team, student health insurance, and Student Council. Student Life also offers numerous social engagement opportunities throughout the year and funds recreational activities and off-campus trips to Philadelphia-area institutions and attractions.

Curtis is a family, not just a school. It’s full of beautiful learning resources and opportunities, but in a familial safe haven.

Marié Rossano (Violin '16)

Curtis Alumna and Violinist in the New York Philharmonic

Campus & Facilities

Student life at Curtis is primarily concentrated within the historic mansions at 1726 Locust Street and the facilities of Lenfest Hall at 1616 Locust Street.

The Curtis Institute of Music is largely housed in stately mansions that pair 19th-century charm with 21st-century amenities. They have a distinguished architectural history.

Residence Life

Living on campus provides a welcoming and inclusive environment, with a focus on academic success, individual growth, and holistic development. The collaboration between students in our residence halls and dedicated Curtis residence life staff helps to create a community in which the students can experience feelings of identity, security, and intellectual stimulation.

Curtis and Philadelphia

Our community extends beyond the four walls of our buildings. Studying in the heart of Philadelphia, our students are immersed in a place where intellectual curiosity and social activism creatively intersect with art, design, and performance. Learn what it’s like to live and study in one of the world’s most creative communities.

Student Resources

Learn more about student safety, international student advising, and academic excellence and integrity.

Student Activities

  • Many student activities are organized by Student Council and the residence life staff.

    Events span a wide range of interests, including soccer games, movie nights, trips around Philadelphia, and more. Because Curtis serves a highly diverse, international community, student activities also focus on fostering a community spirit between students from all countries and backgrounds, with international food and entertainment events a frequent favorite among the student body. Wellness activities are also offered throughout the course of the academic year, in support of students’ physical and mental health. There are also occasional field trips to New York City and nearby attractions in the tri-state area.

    Many Curtis traditions date back to the school’s founder, Mary Louise Curtis Bok, and are still practiced today. These historic traditions include Wednesday tea and the annual holiday party. Every Wednesday at 3 p.m. throughout the school year, students, faculty, staff, and their guests gather in the Gary and Naomi Graffman Common Room for tea and light refreshments. This unique event offers the entire Curtis community a break for relaxation and informal conversation. The annual holiday party, held every December just before exam week, features seasonal entertainment, student-led skits and videos, refreshments, and dancing to live music in Field Concert Hall.

    Musically, students participate in an incredibly wide range of opportunities to perform, including over 100 chamber recitals, multiple symphony orchestra concerts, fully staged opera productions, and more. Students also have access to Philadelphia’s world-class arts organizations, many of which frequently offer free or discounted tickets to Curtis students.

Student Life for International Students

Students granted special permission from the United States government to temporarily reside in the country must follow regulations for housing, schooling, and employment.

Student Life for Younger Students

Students aged 17 or younger must follow special regulations for housing, schooling, and employment.

Disabilities Services and Academic Accommodations

Curtis welcomes students with disabilities and provides reasonable accommodations to those who self-identify in compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  Academic accommodations, auxiliary services, and technology are made available to students who meet established documentation guidelines.