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Thank you for making a difference.

Curtis nurtures the most remarkable musical talents from around the world in a low-cost environment designed to ensure they thriveOur community is grateful to the many donors and institutional partners whose philanthropic support keeps Curtis running year after year. Your gifts safeguard our legacy and help to ensure our future.   

Gifts to Curtis have an immediate impact on our students as they embark upon their individually tailored, “learn-by-doing” education.


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Lifetime Giving Society

We extend our deepest gratitude to the generous donors whose cumulative lifetime giving to the Curtis Institute of Music has exceeded $1 million. These individuals and organizations set an inspiring example of leadership and extraordinary philanthropy, and we are grateful for their enduring support.

(This list includes gifts received as of February 1, 2022.)

  • Anonymous

    Mrs. Nina Albert+

    The Annenberg Foundation

    Dr. Herbert R. Axelrod+

    Estate of Maryjane Mayhew Barton*

    Mrs. Cary William Bok+

    Jill and Sheldon Bonovitz

    Estate of Joseph P. Brinton III

    William R. Brody

    Estate of Vera D. Bruestle

    William D. Burns* 403(B)(7) Plan – Buffalo Philharmonic

    Ernestine Bacon Cairns Trust

    Fondation Charidu

    Mr. L. Daniel Dannenbaum+ and Ms. Kate Hall

    Demeng Foundation

    Daniel W. Dietrich II Foundation

    William B. Dietrich Foundation

    Estate of Joseph* and Yvonne* Druian

    Mr. and Mrs. Y. S. Liu

    Estate of Judith M. Eisner

    Joseph and Marie Field

    Joseph and Marie Field Foundation

    Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Freyer

    The Edwin B. Garrigues Foundation

    The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation

    Bruce Jay Gould, M.D.

    Otto Haas Charitable Trust #2

    Edna L. Harkness* Trust

    Rita E. Hauser

    The Hauser Foundation

    Estate of Ruth Duskin Heller

    HFGLocust, LP

    Mr.+ and Mrs. Alan R. Hirsig

    The Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Foundation

    Estate of Lester Lanin

    Estate of John LaSalandra

    Mr.+ and Mrs. H. F. Lenfest

    The Lenfest Foundation

    Carol and Howard Lidz

    Lisa and Gie Liem

    Locks Foundation

    Dr. Avron J. Maletzky+

    Nina Baroness von Maltzahn

    Nina Maria Arts and Culture Foundation

    James and Betty Matarese

    Estate of Sondra Matesky

    John H. McFadden and Lisa D. Kabnick

    J. Medveckis Foundation

    The Neubauer Family Foundation

    Mr. Shaun F. O’Malley+

    William Penn Foundation

    Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, a state agency

    The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

    The Pew Charitable Trusts

    The Presser Foundation

    Dr.+ and Mrs.+ Milton L. Rock

    Mr. Aaron Rosand+

    Mark and Robin Rubenstein

    David* and Jane Schwartz Family Trust

    Dorothy Richard Starling Foundation

    Penelope and Thomas Watkins

    The Helen F. Whitaker Fund

    Elaine W. Camarda and A. Morris Williams Jr.

    Estate of L. Lee Winston

    Mr. Jack Wolgin+

    Wyncote Foundation

    * alumnus/alumna          

    + deceased

The Curtis Annual Fund

The Curtis Institute of Music is honored to recognize the following individuals for their generous and loyal support during the past two years—a time deeply impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to their unwavering philanthropic gifts, Curtis was able to provide a world-class education to its students while offering virtual performances to a larger audience through a growing online presence and strengthening the professional endeavors of our young alumni. Thank you to all who continue to make this work possible.

(These lists encompass total gifts received for the 19-month period from June 1, 2020 to February 1, 2022.)

  • Lewis Zachary Cohen+ and Pamela A. Bicket

    Anthony B. Creamer III

    Deborah M. Fretz

    Plato S.* and Dorothy Krebill* Karayanis

    HF Lenfest Fund

    Estate of Dr. Avron J. Maletzky

    Nina Baroness von Maltzahn

    Susan and Frank Mechura

    Mark and Robin Rubenstein

    Jay H. Tolson

    Penelope and Thomas Watkins

  • Anonymous

    Ruth T. Baker

    Frank S. Bayley

    Peter A. Benoliel and Willo Carey

    Jill and Sheldon Bonovitz

    Estate of Cecilia Brauer

    William R. Brody

    Bill and Laura Buck

    Ernestine Bacon Cairns Trust

    Ronnie C. Chan

    Elissa Koljonen* and Roberto Díaz*

    Mr. and Mrs. Y. S. Liu

    Gordon and Patricia Fowler

    Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Freyer

    Mr. and Mrs. Jerome R. Glickman

    Mrs. Mignon Groch and Mr. James Groch

    Wayne and Wilhelmina Hardee

    William A. Horn, M.D.*

    Marsha Hunter* and Brian K. Johnson

    Andrew Jacobs* and Katherine Park

    Linda E. Johnson

    Mary M. Lane

    Carol and Howard Lidz

    Lisa and Gie Liem

    Baron Ludeke von Maltzahn

    Cornelia B. and R. Ashbrook McCann

    John H. McFadden and Lisa D. Kabnick

    John J. Medveckis

    Sandra Miller* and Wayne Olson

    Laura and Kenneth Mitchell

    Edward A. Montgomery Jr.

    The Family of Reverend Charles O. Moore

    Joan M. Moran and William J. Fenza+

    Bob and Guna Mundheim

    Susan Leider Munzer*

    Rosalind and Roy Neff

    Richard Neu and Virginia L. Ambrosini

    Robert and Lynne Pollack

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Rock

    Chiona Xanthopoulou-Schwarz

    Cecilia Segawa Seigle

    Jean and Gene Stark

    William R. Stensrud and Suzanne E. Vaucher

    Ms. Betty Whelchel and Mr. Doug Kruse

    Barbara Eberlein and Jerry Wind

  • Joyce Arsnow

    Jim and Janet Averill

    Eileen Baird

    Louis P. Barbarin and Virginia Barbarin

    Estate of Barbara A. Engstrom

    Peter and Pamela Freyd

    Derek and Sissela Bok

    Professor Frank F. Furstenberg Jr., in memory of Nina Segre

    The CHG Charitable Trust

    Pamela M. and James H. Hill

    The Joan and Irwin Jacobs Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation

    Fran and Leon Levy

    Sharon and Frank Lorenzo

    Sandy and David Marshall

    Nancy Maruyama, M.D.

    Walker Mulherin Jr. Fund

    James O’Neill and David Rubin

    Judith and James Ritchings

    Dr. Sevgi B. Rodan

    Lyn M. Ross

    Rebecca and Daniel Shapiro

    Richard and Amanda Smoot

    Estate of Eleanor Sokoloff^*

    Peggy Wachs

    Dr. Bettyruth Walter

    Mr. Robert J. Weiner

    Carol A. Westfall

    Elaine W. Camarda and A. Morris Williams Jr.

    Sue and Michael Young

  • Anonymous

    Robert Bryan and Julie Jensen

    Phil and Meg Cavanaugh

    William A. Loeb

    Barbara Moskow*

    Constance Benoliel Rock

    Jerry and Bernice Rubenstein

    Bobby Towcimak

    Dr. Ann M. Woodward*

    Benjamin E. Zuckerman and Marian Robinson

  • Tobe Amsterdam

    Victoria Bok

    Coren and Larry Bomback

    Elia D. Buck and Caroline B. Rogers

    David and Jennifer Cardy

    Dr. and Mrs. Harris R. Clearfield

    Laura and Edward Crawford^

    Peter S. Cressman

    Mrs. Edith R. Dixon

    Mary Lou Falcone*

    Blake Hinson* directed through Charlotte and William Hinson Family Foundation

    Dr. Frederic and Trudy Honigman

    Michael and Barbara Jacobelli

    Gilbert and Rebecca Kerlin

    Paul Mckenzie

    Madelyn Mignatti

    Robert E. Mortensen

    Estate of Joan K. O’Reilly

    Neil Oxman, Esq.

    Zoë Pappas

    Rinaldi Family, Jacobs Music

    Ms. Caroline B. Rogers

    Mary Ellen and Carl Schneider

    Renee and Martin Schultz

    William H. Smith III

    Dominique van de Stadt and Octavio Pajaro^

    James P. MacElderry and Marilyn S. Fishman

    Harold and Emily Starr^

    Mark N. Steinberger and Ann C. Lebowitz

    Barbara Augusta Teichert

    Dr. R. J. Wallner

    Drs. Thomas and Dennie P. Wolf

    Robert Zimet

  • Gina Montana and Family

    Charlotte H. Biddle

    Lois Boyce

    Mr. and Mrs. James M. Buck III

    Joan Chait

    Dr. Stuart and Carol Cohn

    Ms. Barbara B. Collier

    Frank and Margery Cooper

    Sally and Michael Feder^

    Mr. Arthur F. Ferguson

    Lily and Peter Ferry

    Joe and Kathy Gallagher

    Bruce Jay Gould, M.D.

    Susan L. Graham

    Kate Hall

    Mr. Burt Hara*

    Dr. and Mrs. Hratch A. Kasparian

    Mr. and Ms. Osmo Vänskä

    Jan and Bob Keefe^

    Lawrence and Toba Kerson

    Jim and Jane Knox^

    Joan W. Mackie

    Craig Maynard

    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. McCarthy

    Joseph and Jeanne McGinn

    Lambert* and Jan Orkis

    Stephanie Shirvan Pious and Charles Pious

    Catherine and Michael Radbill

    William H. Roberts, Esq.

    Helen E. Scott

    Mr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Shipley III

    Bonnie and Harris Sklar

    Mark Russell Smith* and Ellen Dinwiddie Smith*

    Martin P. Stepper*

    Mr. Michael Stern and Ms. Shelly Cryer

    Gaynor Strickler

    Lawrence Tarlow*

  • Anonymous

    Jonathan Biss*

    Dr. Tomas J. Bok and Ms. Florentien de Ruiter

    Mr. Edward S. Brown and Ms. Susan M. Garber

    Pauline A. Candaux and Solomon H. Katz

    Dr. Andrew Drake

    Drs. Jonas and Susan Ellenberg

    Karen Fulton and John Fulton III

    Ms. Katherine H. Ledwith

    Judith and Marvin Garfinkel

    Susan and Sherwood “Woody” Goldberg

    Haverford Quality Investing

    Mr. Dennis Hummel

    Ms. Melanie Jessen

    Ulrich and Nancy G. Klabunde

    Mrs. Catherine M. Koten

    Raymond and Carol Kujawa

    Ruth and Peter Laibson

    Ronald Leonard*

    William Lake Leonard

    Mrs. Bernice R. Levinson

    Robert McDonald*

    Linda and Laddie Montague

    Mr. Arthur E. Newbold IV

    Merle Raab

    Jay and Gretchen Riley

    Beatrice S. Rossman

    Katie and Tony Schaeffer

    Derrick Tyron Smith

    Patricia* and R.V. “Bud” Stone

    Daniel and Jean McCoubrey

    Thomas and Patricia Vernon

    Wayne C. Wilson

    Eloise Wood

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Nigel W. Armstrong

    Edith W. “Bonnie” Barnes

    Ruth Winter*

    Mia Chung-Yee

    Polly Cohen

    Steven Copes*

    Sandra and Michael Dean^

    Dr. Joan DeJean

    Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Dichter

    Mr. Stephen Edwards and Ms. Josephine Visone James

    Harriet Feinberg in memory of Mary Feinberg

    Ben and Julia Folk^

    Alan and Margreet Francis^

    Marci Generose

    Philipp and Mary W. Gerdes^

    Christine Grad, M.D.

    Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Gulkis^

    Alan and Julie Halpern^

    Ms. Linda Hanna

    John L. Herrick

    Greg Hustis*

    Roger M. Janssen*

    Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Judy

    Mr. Philip J. Kass

    Alfred Kelley

    Emily Langlie and Steve Miletich^

    Pauline P. Lee^

    Florence Levy

    Jeff Lewis and Mary Ann Rossi

    Allison Nelson Loebbaka*

    Anthony McGill* and Abby Fennessy

    Barbara Mishkin

    Kathleen Nelson and John Kromer

    David Reinhardt

    Mr. Jennings P. Shankle

    Mr. and Mrs. David Singer

    Estate of Marilyn J. Steeg

    Eileen Marolla and Charles Sterne III

    Mr. Steve Poses and Ms. Christina L. Sterner

    Rick Stout*

    Jack Sutte*

    Mrs. Michi I. Tashjian

    Dr. Anne L. Taylor

    Ms. Mary W. Trevor and Mr. Max Rabinovitsj

    James H. Vail*

    Daniel Wang* and Aldarcy Lewis Wang

    Steven and Janet Weinberger

    Edward Yarwood

  • Lindy Barocchi

    Catherine and Eric Barr^

    Sheila and Myron Bassman

    Ted and Judy Beilman^

    Mr. Bruce C. Belzak

    Al Besse

    Ms. Sheila Bodine

    Richard A. Brand

    Miriam and Peter Burwasser

    Butler Family Foundation

    Miss Michelle A. Cann

    The Catherwood Family Fund of the Philadelphia Foundation


    Anthony* and Benita* Checchia

    Gordon and Kris Cole^

    Mr. Joseph H. Conyers

    Dr. and Mrs. David J. Dalton^

    Tobey and Mark Dichter

    Kathy and Frank Dilenschneider^

    Elise Drake

    Dave and Kathy Dunnewald^

    Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Edelman

    Carolyn N. and Joseph M. Evans Jr.

    Mr. Peter A. Evans

    Sally and Michael Feder

    Diane Frankel

    Mrs. Annette Friedland

    Dr. Dotty Gershey

    John J. Givens*

    Mr. and Dr. Harvey M. Goldstein

    Nancy S. Halpern

    Branch and Joan Heller

    Jack and Marion Jacobs^

    Laura and Bernard Jacobson

    Uschi Joseph*

    Mr. Jeffrey Jowett

    Ronald Kaiserman

    Mrs. Christa R. Kramer


    Dr. Peter Langmuir and Dr. Colette Desrochers

    Joan Lapayowker

    Anne Silvers and Wynn Lee

    Ann Lesch

    Maxine S. Lewis

    Jun-Ching Lin*

    Cletus P. Lyman

    Mr. and Mrs. A. Bruce Mainwaring

    Carl and Denise Majeski^

    Dr and Mrs W. Steven Mark

    Mr. Lorenzo R. Muti

    Dr. and Mrs. A. Hirotoshi Nishikawa

    Mr. John N. Park

    Dr. Ruth Perlmutter

    Mr. Jonathan T. Klein and Ms. Ellen E. Petri

    Susie and Geoff Mills

    Mr. Richard Porotsky*

    Dr. and Mrs. Joel Porter

    Ms. Krista G. Reichard

    Fannie Rubinstein and Frederick Goldman Memorial Fund

    Shirlee S. Schachtel

    Ken Schoenholz and Jace Stern

    Mark and Judy Copeland Schulman

    Mr. Mordecai Schwartz and Ms. Kathy Fisher

    Mr. Henry Scott and Prof. Yumi N. Scott

    Dynamic Duo Charitable Trust

    Mrs. Arlene Tashlick

    Judith Wagner

    Joan Wohl

    Vic Yerrid*

    Laurent Yoon

    Bin Zhou

    * alumnus/alumna          

    + deceased        

    ^ Curtis parent

Tribute Gifts

Many of the generous friends of Curtis make their gifts “In honor of” or “In memory of” faculty, alumni, friends, and family. We recognize these thoughtful tributes of $500 or more below.

(These lists encompass total gifts received for the 19-month period from June 1, 2020 to February 1, 2022.)

  • Gianna Rolandi Davis*

    Dawn Marie Schlegel

    Jane Shaulis*

    Ms. Martha J. Sheil

    Ms. Lisbeth Stiffel

    Susan Woelzl


    Fred Horwitz

    Mr. Steven J. Fram, Esq.

    Adele K. Schaeffer


    Charles Sterne III

    Deborah M. Fretz

    Scott and Yardly Jenkins

    William A. Loeb

    Sue and Michael Young


    Eleanor Sokoloff*^

    Marcantonio Barone*

    Peter A. Benoliel and Willo Carey

    Dr. Jeffrey Cornelius

    Ms. Barbara A. Gold

    Barbara Moskow*

    Lambert* and Jan Orkis

    Libby M. Schwartz

    Prof. Craig D. Sheppard and Mr. Gregory Wallace

    Mr. William B. McLaughlin III and Ms. Katharine Sokoloff

    Laurie Sokoloff*

    Mr. and Mrs. Hidetaro Suzuki


    Other Memorial Gifts

    Gregory H. Hopkins*, in memory of Raquel Adonaylo

    Mimi Stillman*, in memory of Julius Baker*

    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. McCarthy, in memory of Ralph Batman

    Peter A. Benoliel and Willo Carey, in memory of Constance W. Benoliel-Rock

    Sandra and Michael Dean^, in memory of Michael Bookspan

    The Jacquemin Family Foundation, Inc., in memory of Jeannine Frantz and Greg Chesmar

    Walter Gray*, in memory of Rosamonde^ and Orlando*^ Cole

    Kate Hall, in memory of L. Daniel Dannenbaum

    Ms. Mary Ann McConnell, in memory of Ben Dudek

    William Bombria, in memory of David Robert George*

    Mary Burgess*, in memory of Euphemia Giannini Gregory*

    Mrs. Nancy Heinzen, in memory of Ben Heinzen

    Scott and Yardly Jenkins, in memory of Alan Hirsig

    Edna F. Dick, in memory of Robert L. Kaplan

    Bernie and Jo Kelley, in memory of Josephine “Jo” Kelley

    Mr. and Mrs. David Schroeder, in memory of William Kincaid

    Daniel Matsukawa*, in memory of Simon Kovar

    Christine Grad, M.D., in memory of Andrea de Lancie

    Scott and Yardly Jenkins, in memory of James R. Ledwith

    Barbara Mishkin, in memory of Mark Mishkin

    Margarita Montanaro*, in memory of Donald Montanaro*

    Pauline A. Candaux and Solomon H. Katz, in memory of Barbara Moskow*

    Walker Mulherin, Jr. Fund, in memory of E. Walker Mulherin

    Mark Cedel*^, in memory of Joseph de Pasquale*

    Beatrice S. Rossman, in memory of Anna Salkin

    Christopher Millard*, in memory of Sol Schoenbach

    Professor Frank F. Furstenberg Jr., in memory of Nina Segre

    Michele Levin*, in memory of Peter Serkin*

    Ms. Xiao Lan Wang and Mr. Sidney Chang, in memory of David Soyer

    Martin P. Stepper*, in memory of Carol K. Stepper

    Mrs. Eva-Maria Tausig, in memory of Hans Tausig

    Phyllis Melhado, in memory of Sarah and Martin Taylor

    Caroline Coade*, in memory of Karen Tuttle*

    Philippe de Bros*, in memory of Dino Yannopoulos

  • Roberto Díaz*

    Bill and Laura Buck

    Dr. and Mrs. Allan Dennis^

    Burton D. Fine* and Susan Miron*

    Richard and Amanda Smoot


    Other Honorary Gifts

    Ms. Anli Tong, in honor of Barbara Benedett

    Donald E. Red, M.D., in honor of Angela Chan*

    Laura and Edward Crawford^, in honor of John-Henry Crawford*

    Dr. Frederic and Trudy Honigman, in honor of The Dover Quartet

    Robert McDonald*, in honor of Gary* and Naomi+ Graffman

    Ted and Judy Beilman^, in honor of Ida Kavafian

    Dr. Stuart and Carol Cohn, in honor of Filiz Leigh

    Gordon and Patricia Fowler, in honor of Ned Montgomery

    Deborah and Jonathan Hirtle, in honor of Mark Rubenstein

    Mr. Lawrence Scharf, in honor of Susan Scharf

    Alan Morrison*, in honor of John B. Weaver*

    Mr. and Ms. Osmo Vänskä, in honor of Peter Wiley*

    * alumnus/alumna          

    + deceased        

    ^ Curtis parent

Founder’s Society

Following in the visionary and extraordinary footsteps of Mary Louise Curtis Bok, the Founder’s Society honors all who have included the Curtis Institute of Music as a beneficiary under their wills, trusts, life-insurance policies, retirement plans, and other estate-planning arrangements. Curtis greatly appreciates their forward-thinking commitment to Curtis.

(List complete as of February 1, 2022.)

  • Anonymous (6)

    Carolyn Stanford Adams*

    James R. Adler*

    Nina+ and William A. Albert

    Tobe Amsterdam

    Charles A. Armitage*

    Audrey Axinn*

    Eileen M. Baird

    Edith W. Barnes

    Jacqueline Eppinoff Bassis*+

    Joanne DiMaria Bates*

    Frank S. Bayley

    Peter A. Benoliel

    George R. Bernato, Ph.D.

    Charlotte H. Biddle

    Claire Boasi

    Cary William Bok+

    Blair J. Bollinger*

    Jill and Sheldon Bonovitz

    Edwin H.+ and Joyce M. Bowers

    Luther W. Brady, M.D.+

    David E. Brinson

    Steven and Colleen Brooks

    Anthony J. Brown

    Andrew D. Brownstein

    Pauline A. Candaux

    Norman Carol*

    Pearl Miller Carpel+

    Robert J. Carwithen*

    Mark Cedel*

    Marjorie Gibson Chauvel*+

    Anthony P. Checchia*

    and Mrs. Harris R. Clearfield

    Patricia Conway

    James and Cynthia Cook

    Margaret S. Cooke

    Peter S. Cressman

    Julie P. Curson

    Miles* and Susan Davis

    Susan D. DeCamp

    Dorothy J. del Bueno, Ed.D.+

    Roberto Díaz*

    Evan and Mary Ann Dunnell

    Bernard L. Edelstein+

    Frederick and Barbara+ Engstrom

    Anne C. Ewers

    Rowe+ and Anne T. Fesperman

    Bayard R. Fiechter

    Robert Fitzpatrick*+

    Barbara+ and Leonard Frank

    Beverly Werner Freeman

    Marie E. Frey

    Charles C. and Judith Durkin Freyer

    Edith Evans Frumin*

    Dinah F. Fulton

    Andrew G. Geoghegan

    George W. Gephart Jr.

    John J. Givens*

    Elizabeth P. Glendinning+

    Barbara A. Gold*, in honor of Eleanor B. Sokoloff *^+

    Rachel Bok Goldman

    Harriet Goodman^

    Jeanne Lorraine Goodson, in memory of Wilhelmina Hoffman*

    Bruce Jay Gould, M.D.

    Gary* and Naomi+ Graffman

    Adele H. Gray

    Daron Aric Hagen*

    Nancy S. Halpern

    Daniel Hansburg, Esq., in honor of Rudolf ^+ and Peter *+ Serkin

    Laura C. Hart

    Helene Hathaway Layton

    Carol A. Hauptfuhrer

    Rita E. and Gustave M.+ Hauser

    Gary and Linda Hauze^

    and Mrs. Bernard G.+ Heinzen

    Alan+ and Nancy Hirsig

    Karolyn Kirksey Holler+

    Marsha Hunter*

    Michele Hyk-Farlow

    Nancy and Rodney Johnson

    Lois Gering Jungas*

    Tonu Kalam*

    Plato S.* and Dorothy Krebill* Karayanis

    Carole W. and Samuel H. Karsch

    Scott+ and Carol Kelley

    + and Mrs.+ David H. Kilmer

    Bobby Ellen Kimbel, Ph.D.

    Peter King

    Kenneth Kogan

    Deborah Komins

    Judy Krasnov, in memory of Jascha Brodsky *

    Felix G.*+ and Marcia H. Kraus

    Ronald E. Kressman*

    Ottilie V. Laden

    Helen J. Lapsley+

    Robin+ and Kathie Ledwith

    Bong S. Lee, M.D.

    Owen and Chieh Chang* Lee

    Gerry+ and Marguerite Lenfest

    Florence Levy+

    Michael Licitra

    Carol S. and Howard L. Lidz

    Gie and Lisa Liem^

    William A. Loeb

    Gary Logsdon*

    Avron J. Maletzky, M.D.+

    Sandra and David Marshall

    and Mrs. James M. Matarese

    Sondra Matesky+

    Winifred W. Mayes*+

    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. McCarthy

    Evelyn L. McCarty*

    Donald G. McDonald*

    Daniel S. McDougall*

    David McGill*

    Kenneth M. McNeil+

    Susan and Frank Mechura

    John J. Medveckis

    Phyllis Melhado

    Madelyn Mignatti

    Edward and Susan+ Montgomery

    James H. Kelleher and Derrik R. G. Morris

    Alan Morrison*

    Barbara Moskow*

    William S. Mulherin

    Ronald+ and Barbara Nelson

    Richard Neu

    John A. Nyheim+

    Jennifer Orchard*

    John N. Park

    Joan Lardner Paul

    Anderson Pew

    J. Phillips

    Sharman Plesner*

    Robert Pollack

    John W. Pruett*

    Cynthia Raim*

    Claudia C. Rash

    Helen K. Rehl

    Heide Rice, M.D.*

    Martin Riskin

    Sevgi B. Rodan

    Aaron Rosand*+

    Harry Rosenthal

    Samuel R. Rossman

    Joanne Rubel

    Brett Rubinson

    Karen Saler

    Constance Scheurer

    Enid Curtis Bok Schoettle+

    Cecilia Segawa Seigle

    Michael and Julie Serber^

    Robert and Joan Shaffer

    Richard A. Shapp*

    Martha J. Sheil*

    Peter B. Shevell, in honor of Dorothea Posel

    Samuel R. Shipley

    Lisa Karen Shusko

    Steven P. Singer, M.D. and Alan Salzman, M.D.

    Ronald D. Smith, M.D.

    Amanda W. Smoot

    Noel Snyder*

    Eleanor B. Sokoloff *^+

    Martin P. Stepper*

    Charles Sterne III+

    + and Mrs. Josiah Stevenson IV

    Erna Szekeres

    Arlene and Irving+ Tashlick

    James Testa

    Shirley Trepel*

    Benita Valente*

    Thomas G. Waldman+

    Claudia Walker*

    Penelope Wike Watkins

    and Mrs.+ Emanuel Weinstein

    Alex*+ and Marguerite Wilson

    Eleanor Winslow

    Thomas Wolf

    Elizabeth A. Wright

    Efrem Zimbalist III

    Marian Robinson and Benjamin E. Zuckerman

    Raymond and Joan Zumoff

    * alumnus/alumna
    + deceased
    ^ Curtis parent

Corporate Partners, Foundations, and Government Support

We deeply appreciate the gifts from the following corporations, organizations, foundations, and government agencies. Their generosity supports the financial health and vibrancy of programs essential to the Curtis Institute of Music.

(These lists encompass total gifts received for the 19-month period from June 1, 2020 to February 1, 2022.)

  • The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

    Daniel W. Dietrich II Foundation

    William B. Dietrich Foundation

    Joseph and Marie Field Foundation

    The Edwin B. Garrigues Foundation

    The Hauser Foundation

    The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage

    The Presser Foundation

    Harold and Helene Schonberg Pianist Scholarship Trust

    Dorothy Richard Starling Foundation

    U.S. Department of Education

    Wendt Charitable Foundation

  • American Endowment Foundation

    Julian A. and Lois G. Brodsky Foundation

    Ernestine Bacon Cairns Trust

    Crewcial Partners LLC

    Syde Hurdus Foundation, Inc.

    The McLean Contributionship

    Pennsylvania Department of Education

    Fay Shwayder Foundation

    Wyncote Foundation

  • Amaranth Foundation

    Robert Carwithen Music Foundation

    The Gordon Charter Foundation

    CHG Charitable Trust

    Community Foundation of Greater Memphis

    Connelly Foundation

    Cooke & Bieler, L.P.

    Council for Canadian-American Relations

    Bruce and Deborah Duncan Foundation

    Elliott-Lewis Corporation

    The Gordon and Llura Gund Foundation

    Jephson Educational Trusts

    Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego

    JKG Florida Business Corp

    Landes Family Foundation

    The Leo Model Foundation

    The Musical Fund Society of Philadelphia

    The Neubauer Family Foundation

    Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, a state agency

    The Peters Family Trust

    Suzanne F. Roberts Cultural Development Fund

    Zisman Family Foundation

  • Selma Ankist Family Trust

    Catherine R. and Anthony A. Clifton Foundation

    Dolfinger-McMahon Foundation

    Marguerite Festorazzi Trust

    The PNC Financial Services Group

    The Scholler Foundation

    Sidewater Family Foundation, Inc.

  • Louis N. Cassett Foundation

    Clayman Family Foundation

    Charlotte and William Hinson Charitable Foundation

    INTECH Construction

    Jacobs Music Company

    Christian R. & Mary F. Lindback Foundation

    Waverly Heights Retirement Community

  • Ernst and Elfriede Frank Foundation, Inc.

    Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia

    The McCausland Foundation

    National Federation of Music Clubs

    Wipfli LLP

  • Brown Advisory

    Curtis Parents in Korea^

    The Jacquemin Family Foundation, Inc.

    John A. and Catherine M. Koten Foundation

    Samuel P. Mandell Foundation

    Penn Fruit Foundation

    Rittenhouse Foundation

    Rorer Foundation

    WSFS CARES Foundation

    Zeldin Family Foundation

  • DDK Foundation

    William Goldman Foundation

    Graham Partners, Inc.

    Hirtle, Callaghan & Co.

    Horizons Foundation

    Howell Lockhart Seiple Trust

    The Barry S. Sternlicht Foundation

    ^ Curtis parent