Residence Life

Residence Life works collaboratively to create a global community by supporting students’ holistic well-being and bringing residents together outside of the practice room and concert hall.

The team strives to build a welcoming and inclusive environment by engaging in social events, promoting health and safety, and setting guidelines for residential living. 

For any questions regarding our residence life program or housing in Lenfest Hall please contact the Manager of Residence Life and Off-Campus Housing, Gianna Pannullo 


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    For any questions regarding our residence life program or housing please contact the Manager of Residence Life, Gianna Pannullo

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About Lenfest Hall

Lenfest Hall offers suite-style living with well-thought-out design and amenities in line with what students expect in contemporary modern campus housing. Each unit is very spacious and can serve up to six students and features four bedrooms (two doubles and two singles), two bathrooms, and a common area. On the fifth floor there is a kitchen available for use, game lounge, and a free laundry room are provided on the fifth floor. 

The building also features a convenient dining hall, faculty and administrator offices, mailboxes, a beautiful fifth-floor rooftop garden and terrace, and the magnificent Gould Rehearsal Hall. Lenfest Hall also has 32 studios for lessons, individual practice, classes, and rehearsals, which residents can access 24 hours a day. The building also has 24-hour security attendants and cameras. 

Residence Life Staff

Gianna Pannullo, Manager of Residence Life and Off-Campus 

2023–24 Resident Coordinators

Name  Year  Major 
Dasara Beta  2nd year   Trumpet  
I-hao Cheng   8th year   Violin  
Christopher Correa   4th year   Oboe  
Maya Mor-Mitrani   3rd year   Voice  
Raul Orellana   5th year   Trumpet  
Christine Ott   4th year   Horn  
Juliette Tacchino   2nd year   Voice  

The Resident Coordinator (RC) is a live-in position responsible for overseeing students living in Lenfest Hall. The position supports the development of individual residents by creating positive and inclusive communities, developing social skills, imparting community responsibility, and impacting personal identity development. RCs assist the growth of each individual in their area and the building community as a whole. RCs serve in an on-call emergency response rotation to ensure safety and support during all hours of the evening and on weekends. RCs will direct their primary attention to the leadership, programming, policy enforcement, and management of Lenfest Hall residential floors. The RC also plans and carries out programming, mediation, crisis management, safety, and facility reporting needs of their areas and Lenfest Hall overall. 


RC Duty number: (215) 692-9019 

Hours of duty: Monday -Thursday 5:00 pm – 9:00 am, Friday at 5:00 pm –  Monday at 9:00 am 

Security is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: (215) 875-4256 extension 4200 

Important Dates 2024–25

  • Sunday, August 25: First Year move-in
  • August 31–September 1: Returning Student move-in
  • November 25–December 1: Thanksgiving Break (residence hall remains open)
  • December 20: Winter Break move-out (residence hall closes at 9 a.m.)
  • January 11–12: Spring move-in
  • March 3–9: Spring break (residence hall remains open)
  • May 15: End-of-year move-out for non-graduating students (students must depart by 9 a.m.)
  • May 18: End-of-year move-out for graduating students (students must depart by 9 a.m.)

You may also view the academic calendar for more information. 


  • What is there to look forward to within the Lenfest Hall Community?
    • Programs and events  
    • 24/7 access to practice rooms 
    • 24/7 access to student lounge 
    • 24/7 access to the kitchen 
    • 24/7 access to laundry machines 
    • Easy access to classrooms 

    Events and programs often include a wide range of educational and social events including exploring Philadelphia, Game and Movie nights, DIY crafts, and more!  

  • Lenfest Hall 2024-2025 Housing and Meal Plan Rates 
    • Single Room: $24,012 for the academic year, including a full meal plan 
    • Single Deluxe: $24,394 for the academic year, including a full meal plan 
    • Double Room: $21,035 for the academic year, including a full meal plan 
  • Summer Storage

    Storage Scholars is a preferred moving, storage, and shipping partner of Curtis Institute of Music and offers the secure storage of belongings during breaks as well as package delivery.

    Registration Deadline: May 2, 2024

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  • Housing Agreement

    The housing agreement for the 202324 school year is available for review. The agreement for the 202425 school year will be posted in the spring of 2024. 

  • Suite and Bedroom Size

    Suites are approximately 1,119 square feet (103.9 square meters).  Each bedroom is approximately 138 square feet (12.8 square meters). 

  • Cleaning and Laundry

    Housekeeping staff clean the common living room space and bathrooms twice a month. Students are responsible for cleaning their bedrooms; housekeeping staff are not permitted to enter or clean bedrooms. The laundry room is located on the fifth floor. There is no additional charge to use the laundry facilities. Students are responsible for providing their own detergent. Curtis washers do not accept laundry detergent pods. Laundry is available 24/7.  

  • Lenfest Hall Hours

    Off–campus students are permitted in the building between 8:00 am – 10:00 pm for everyone’s safety and security.  

  • Lenfest Hall Guest Policy

    Lenfest Hall residents are permitted to have overnight guests. They can have guests for a maximum of three nights every month. When the guest arrives, they are to be signed in to security in the Lenfest Hall lobby. Guests are to always be with the resident and are not allowed to wander the building without the resident. Overnight guests are not allowed during orientation or within the first two weeks of the school year.  

  • Lenfest Hall Age Requirement for 2024–2025

    All incoming students who were born on or after September 1, 2002, and will hold a high school diploma by September 1, 2024, are required to live in Lenfest Hall during their first two years of study at Curtis. Students 17 years old and under and pursuing a high school diploma must live with a parent or guardian off-campus. Younger students who initially live off-campus with a parent or guardian are required to move into Lenfest Hall at the start of the academic year after they turn 18 or complete their high school diploma, whichever comes first. All other students are strongly encouraged to consider the cost, safety, and convenience of living in Lenfest Hall. Lenfest Hall housing is open to all students enrolled at Curtis.  

  • Accommodations

    All students requesting accommodations based on the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) shall note that in their housing application. All students requesting accommodations will be required to provide additional documentation requested by the Manager of Residence Life, Gianna Pannullo.   

    You may access additional information about our service animal policy.   

  • Items not permitted at Curtis

    The following is a list of items that are not permitted in Lenfest Hall. 

    • Rice cookers, toasters, toaster ovens, hot plates 
    • George Foreman grills or any other similar cooking appliance. 
    • Non-pod system coffee makers 
    • Air conditioners/electric heaters 
    • Weapons of any sort 
    • Candles, incense 
    • Halogen lamps, lava lamps 
    • Alcohol, alcohol paraphernalia 
    • Illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia 
    • Non-surge protector extension cables 
    • Electric scooters and other electric transportation devices, including hoverboards and electric skateboards 
  • Items to bring


    • Shoes, sneakers, winter boots, rain boots, slippers, flip-flops 
    • Winter coat, windbreaker, raincoat 
    • Backpack 
    • Clothes for cold/warm weather 
    • Sewing kit 
    • Laundry bag, detergent 
    • Umbrella 


    • Bathrobe 
    • Bathroom towels/mats 
    • First-aid kit 
    • Shower caddy 
    • Toiletries: soap, shampoo, toothbrush/toothpaste, etc. 
    • Toilet paper, paper towels 
    • Hairdryer 

    Room/Suite Necessities: 

    • Vacuum cleaner/broom 
    • Room décor, standing lamp, etc. 
    • Desk lamp, stationery items 
    • Keurig coffee machine 
    • Cutlery, can opener 
    • Tupperware containers 
    • Pillows/cases, linens for an extra-long twin bed, comforter/blanket 


    • Laptop/computer, phone, chargers 
    • Money, debit card 
    • Government Issued Photo ID and/or passport, health/dental insurance cards 
    • Refillable water bottle, travel mug 
    • Television, HDMI cables 
    • Surge protector power strip