Private Teacher Network

The Alumni Network is happy to provide a directory of private teaching studios of Curtis alumni. To find a teacher, click your state in the list below for more information.

Add your private teaching studio to this directory by contacting the alumni office with your studio information.

Office of Alumni Relations

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United States

  • Jessica Chang (Viola ’12)San Francisco Bay Area, CA Teaches: Viola, Chamber Music

    Nathan Cole (Violin ’00)Pasadena, CA (312-953-1482)
    Teaches: Violin, Composition

    Diana Steiner (Violin ’49, ’57)Los Angeles, CA
    Teaches: Violin, Chamber Music

    Frances Steiner (Cello ’56)Rancho Palos Verdes, CA (310-833-3442)
    Teaches: Cello, Conducting

    Nadya Tichman (Violin ’80)Oakland, CA (510-681-5079)
    Teaches: Violin

  • Alexander Ritter George (Horn ’04)Denver/Boulder, CO
    Teaches: Horn, Solfege

  • Nadir Khashimov (Violin ’14)Atlanta, GA (770-853-9395)
    Teaches: Violin

  • Aglaia Koras (Piano ’79)Bethesda, MD (301-365-3385)
    Teaches: Piano

    Judith Ingolfsson (Violin ’92), Baltimore, MD
    (267) 774-1197‬
    Teaches: Violin

  • Amy Gates (Accompanying ’91)Amherst, MA (646-633-2446)
    Teaches: Piano

    Zina Schiff (Violin ’69)Brookline, MA (617-277-0166)
    Teaches: Violin

  • Brian Moon (Trumpet ‘78)Bloomfield Hills, MI (248-227-7654)
    Teaches: Trumpet

    Martha Sheil (Voice ’73)Plymouth, MI (734-776-6551)
    Teaches: Voice

  • Bianca Garcia (Flute ’06)Salem, NH
    Teaches: Flute

  • Michael Ludwig (Violin ’82)Cherry Hill, NJ (856-489-3255)
    Teaches: Violin and Chamber Music

    Yvette Tausinger Shanfeld (Piano ’82)Cherry Hill, NJ
    Teaches: Piano

    Nancy Stott Trauger (Opera ’89)Haddonfield, NJ
    Teaches: Voice

  • Judy Kang (Violin ’97)New York, NY (917-470-1352)
    Teaches: Violin

    Dan Panner (Viola ’92)New York, NY (917-224-6688)
    Teaches: Viola

    Ignat Solzhenitsyn (Piano ’95)New York, NY
    Teaches: Piano, Conducting

    Jie Wang (Composition ’09)New York, NY
    Teaches: Composition, Theory, Ear Training, Solfege

    Sean Yung-Hsiang Wang (Violin ’95)Manhasset, NY
    Teaches: Violin

  • Joanna DiMaria Bates (Double Bass ’82)Abington, PA (215-805-3713)
    Teaches: Double Bass

    Cheryl Stewart Elliott (Violin ’75)Narberth and Philadelphia, PA (612 -501-6235)
    Teaches: Violin

    Janellen Farmer (Opera ’84)Phoenixville, PA (610-306-5189)
    Teaches: Voice

    Paul Fejko (Organ ’75)Chester, PA and (609-462-9000)
    Teaches: Organ

    Roy Hage (Opera ’16)Philadelphia, PA
    Teaches: Voice

    Arlen Hlusko (Cello ’16)Philadelphia, PA (213-507-6020)
    Teaches: Cello

    Elizabeth Starr Masoudnia (Oboe ’84)Philadelphia, PA (215-300-0083)
    Teaches: Oboe, English Horn

    Rene Orth (Composition ’16)Philadelphia, PA (214-697-6335)
    Teaches: Composition

    John Russo (Clarinet ’67)Broomall, PA (610-205-9897)
    Teaches: Clarinet, Saxophone, Composition, Piano

    Eric Sessler (Composition ’93)Lansdale, PA
    Teaches: Composition and Music Theory

    Laurie M. Sonsino (Violin ’68)Chesterbrook, PA (610-640-0998)
    Teaches: Violin, Viola

    Gordon Turk (Organ ’71)Wane, PA
    Teaches: Organ

    John Marcel Williams (Guitar ’21)Philadelphia, PA (740-424-6400)
    Teaches: Guitar

  • Sean Osborn (Clarinet ’89)Shoreline, WA (206-368-7091)
    Teaches: Clarinet


  • Prof. Claudia Visca (Voice ’73)Vienna, Austria (011-43-1-8170-480)
    Teaches: Voice

  • Janet Perry (Voice ’67)Saronna, Italy (011-39-02-9621-884)
    Teaches: Voice

  • Leon McCawley (Piano ’95)London, England
    Teaches: Piano