Alumni Resources

As members of the Alumni Network, all alumni have access to a broad array of benefits.

Digital Resources

  • Transcripts

Request transcripts for receipt by employers, educational institutions, or yourself. Orders are fulfilled online via National Student Clearinghouse, a secure, third-party service. 

  • Private Teacher Directory 

List your teaching studio in our public directory.

  • Freelance Directory

Make a request to be added to a list of regional freelance musicians.

  • Curtis Archives

Visit the Curtis Archives online to access digital scans of Overtones, programs, and  admissions catalogs, as well as special digital exhibitions.

Campus Resources

  • Campus Access, Tours, and Practice Rooms

Because Lenfest Hall is a mixed-use facility that includes student residences, legal requirements mandate that alumni wishing to practice in this mixed-use facility must have approval from the registrar. Alumni are not allowed to access the residential floors (5 through 9) unless they are signed in by a residential student.

Curtis alumni are allowed to use the Lenfest Hall practice rooms pending available space, but only after confirmation from the registrar, Darin Kelly. Approved alumni receive an e-mail of confirmation from the registrar and must be prepared to show this confirmation to Lenfest Hall security. To reserve a practice room, contact Darin at

  •  Recording

Subject to availability, alumni may take advantage of our state-of-the-art recording facilities for audio or video use. Curtis waives the space-rental fee for recording sessions for alumni, and recording services are available at a special alumni discount. Contact Hannah Horineartistic programs coordinator, (215) 717-3197, for more information.  

  • Complimentary Tickets

Alumni are entitled to complimentary tickets, when available, to Curtis Symphony Orchestra, Curtis Opera Theatre, and Curtis On Tour performances. Please register for tickets, based on availability, in Curtis Connect.

  • Library Privileges

Alumni who live within approximately a 50-mile radius may have borrowing privileges at the John de Lancie Library in the Milton L. Rock Resource Center with a deposit of $100. For borrowers who move out of the area, library deposits are refunded when all materials have been returned and all fines paid. The library provides a public scanning/printing station at no cost. Copies of student recitals are held on site; alumni are permitted to make copies of recitals in which they performed.