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Below, you'll find information on the main buildings comprising Curtis’ campus located on Locust Street in the Rittenhouse Square neighborhood of Philadelphia.

In addition to the locations outlined below, Curtis utilizes other buildings on Locust Street for administrative offices and more. Curtis students are also afforded ample opportunity by the school’s central location in the city. The Philadelphia Orchestra, one of the world’s premier orchestras, is located within several blocks of Curtis’s campus. Not only do we encourage students to attend Philadelphia Orchestra performances whenever possible, but Curtis draws many of its faculty from the Orchestra as well. Opera Philadelphia is also within walking distance of Curtis’s campus and offers extensive opportunities to experience one of the world’s finest operas.

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1726 Locust

Our main building at 1726 Locust Street is home to Field Concert Hall, one of the most revered stages in all of classical music. This building is also the central meeting area for the school, hosting weekly Wednesday Tea and many practice and classroom studios. The Black Box Theater is also located here.

Lenfest Hall

Lenfest Hall is the newest building at Curtis and the hub for all things student life. Here, you’ll find Gould Rehearsal Hall, as well as living accommodations for yourself and your fellow students. Lenfest houses a number of classrooms and studios, as well as a computer lab and other student-specific amenities. On the first floor of Lenfest is the dining hall, where you can use a meal plan or purchase food a la carte.

Rock Resource Center

The Rock Resource Center serves as the home of the Curtis Archives as well as the John de Lancie Library. Here, you’ll find books, scores, and institutional recordings. Student recitals spanning back to the beginning of the school share space with book stacks and reams of student compositions.