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Notations Submissions

Please fill out all fields in their entirety to the best of your ability at the time of submission. We encourage you to submit your Notations year-round!

Please note that due to space limitations in Notations, publication of items about the same person in two issues in a row cannot be guaranteed. If cuts must be made for this reason, we will postpone the cut Notation until the following issue.

Guidelines for Notations:

  • Limit your Notation to 75 words.
  • For performances, please include the month, year, and location (venue and city).
  • For recordings, please include the record label, title, and release date.
  • For weddings, please include the wedding date and your spouse’s name and occupation. (We only list weddings after they have taken place.)
  • For births, please include your child’s full name and birth date, their siblings’ full names and ages, and if applicable, your spouse’s name.
  • We would like to include a photo with your notation. Photos and album cover art should be 300 dpi at 4" x 6" (generally a file size of 1 MB or more). Please attach your file(s) at the end of the form.

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In today’s competitive musical world, gifted young musicians face a choice among several top-tier institutions. Talented students are often accepted to multiple conservatories or universities. To help with this difficult choice, we encourage students, faculty, and alumni to share their thoughts about what makes Curtis unique among conservatories. Please include a few sentences — your words could be chosen for reprint on social media and the web, or in an upcoming issue of Overtones!