Curtis regularly seeks updates from our alumni, faculty, staff, and students for upcoming editions of our Overtones magazine. As always, we are eager to hear about your professional updates, recent accomplishments, and other news.  

Please fill out the Notations Submission Form to share your news updates with us. We welcome them year-round, but to be considered for the spring 2024 issue of Overtones, please submit by March 15.

A few tips and reminders:

  • Please try to limit your submission to 75 words and to events since November 1, 2023.
  • For notable performances, please include the month, year, and location (venue and city).
  • For recordings, please include the title, record label, and release date.
  • For competitions, please include the name, date, location, and prize/placement.
  • For weddings, please include the wedding date and your spouse’s name and occupation. Note that we list weddings after they have taken place.
  • For births, please include your child’s full name and birth date, their siblings’ full names and ages, and if applicable, your partner’s full name.
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