Curtis Opera Theatre | November 6, 2021 1:00 p.m.

An opera/film based on Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s La clemenza di Tito


This fall the Curtis Opera Theatre brings Mozart to the silver screen! MERCY, a radical reimagining of La clemenza di Tito, tells the story of the Roman emperor Tito, the vengeful Vitellia, and her besotted admirer Sesto. Will Vitellia’s plot to assassinate the emperor and claim the throne for herself succeed? Experience this gripping tale of jealousy, revenge, and forgiveness as you’ve never seen or heard it before. Join us for a limited release screening at the Philadelphia Film Center on November 6. Tickets available now.

Students from the Curtis Opera Theatre unite with alumni and members of the Curtis Symphony Orchestra to perform Mozart’s reorchestrated score. MERCY was filmed in March 2021 by the award-winning Neighborhood Film Company at Rittenhouse Filmworks and Rittenhouse Soundworks.

90-minute opera/film with members of the Curtis Symphony Orchestra, sung in Italian with English subtitles


MERCY is available to stream online through January 6. Watch online now.








Tito Ethan Burck
Vitellia Sophia Hunt
Sesto Anastasiia Sidorova
Annio Sarah Fleiss
Servilia Lindsey Reynolds
Publio Thomas Petrushka

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