Broadcast: Music of the Earth

  • Broadcast, Ensemble 20/21
  • Jul 10, 2024 @ 6:00 P.M.

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“Music of the Earth,” showcases compositions inspired by the natural world, with “eco-composer” John Luther Adams’s captivating solo violin ode to Alaska, Three High Places, Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Raven Chacon’s haunting string quartet piece, The Journey of the Horizontal People, and composer Allison Loggins-Hull’s exploration of “home,” the poignant Homeland. The concert also features Curtis alumna Gabriella Smith’s (’13) imaginative, coral reef-inspired work, Anthozoa, Icelandic composer and guitarist Gulli Bjornsson’s striking pieces for solo classical guitar, Landslög, and pioneering electronic music composer Luciano Berio’s 1964 anthology of eleven songs from eight countries, Folk Songs, for voice and chamber ensemble. 

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I. Above Sunset Pass
II. The Wind at Maclaren Summit
III. Looking Toward Hope

Leah Amory, violin

RAVEN CHACON The Journey of the Horizontal People

Erinys Quartet

Elizabeth Stewart, violin
Joosep Reimaa, violin
Marija Räisänen, viola
Stergios Theodoridis, cello


Anastasia Samsel, flute

GABRIELLA SMITH (’13) Anthozoa

Maya Anjali Buchanan, violin
Matthew Christakos, cello
Tae McLoughlin, percussion
Delvan Lin, piano


Landslag I. – dökkar sandþúfur með smá mosa // dark sand dunes with some moss
Landslag V. – birkikjarr í fjallshlíð // birch shrubs in a mountain slope
Landslag VII. – ólga við ós // turbulence where a stream meets a lake
Landslag VIII. –víðfeðmur akur hulinn af lúpínu // vast lupine covered field
Landslag IX. – veðruð ísilögð strandlengja // eroded icy shoreline
Landslag X. – klaki og snjór hylur tún // ice and snow covers a field

Muxin Li, guitar


I. "Black Is the Colour" (USA)
II. "I Wonder as I Wander" (USA)
III. "Loosin yelav" (Armenia)
IV. "Rossignolet du bois" (France)
V. "A la femminisca" (Sicily, Italy)
VI. "La donna ideale" (Luciano Berio, Italy)
VII. "Ballo" (Luciano Berio, Italy)
VIII. "Motettu de tristura" (Sardinia)
IX. "Malurous qu'o uno fenno" (Auvergne, France)
X. "Lo fiolairé" (Auvergne, France)
XI. "Azerbaijan Love Song" (Azerbaijan)

Micah Gleason, conductor and mezzo-soprano
Dillon Scott, viola
TaeYeon Rachel Kim, cello
Julin Cheung, flute/piccolo
Hwaseop Jeong, clarinet
Tae McLoughlin, percussion
Maxence Dauriat Rancurel, percussion
Claire Thai, harp


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