Diversity Statement

The Curtis Institute of Music is dedicated to being a community that is diverse, equitable, inclusive, and welcoming to all. This dedication is integral to Curtis’s mission to train and educate the musicians of tomorrow. Widely held values in the Curtis community, including compassion, respect, openness, and empathy, are driving our efforts.

Mindful of its place in American music education, Curtis strives to help change a field that has a history of exclusion in the areas of education, performance, and institutional leadership. Therefore, Curtis commits itself to:

  • acknowledge the fullness of its history, especially how it has been a force for both inclusion and exclusion
  • undertake initiatives that foster a more inclusive community where difference based on race and ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic class, physical and mental ability, age, and religion is welcomed and valued
  • and provide the public with updates on its progress to deepen the growth of its community around these values.

Note: This is the main statement. Over time, Curtis will add additional sections to the website that detail the school’s progress in this area. Sections might include the school’s origin story, actual programs in progress, policies, and so forth.