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Financial Assistance

Since 1928 Curtis has maintained an all-scholarship policy. The Curtis Institute of Music provides merit-based full-tuition scholarships to all undergraduate and graduate, students, regardless of their financial situation.

For the 2013-14 school year, the annual value of this scholarship was $37,600 for undergraduate students and $50,100 for graduate students. These scholarships are renewed each year of a student’s enrollment. No financial aid application is required for the full-tuition scholarship.

In 2013-14, there were 12 Federal Pell Grant recipients. There were 131 students who received some type of financial assistance, including grants, loans and student employment opportunities.

Students who demonstrates financial need will be awarded adequate assistance to attend the Curtis Institute of Music. No student will have to leave Curtis solely because of financial need. Financial assistance for living expenses is based solely on financial need.

Before turning to Curtis for supplemental assistance, students are expected to utilize funds from non-Curtis sources, including grants, loans, and scholarships available through private, public, and other sources.

Sources of financial assistance


Curtis is now accepting applications for Supplemental Financial Assistance for the 2014-15 school year. Prospective students must submit the Curtis Application for Supplemental Financial Assistance and supporting documents no later than March 1.

Learn more about Curtis financial assistance.   


If you wish to be considered for Supplemental Financial Assistance you must print out, and complete and mail the form and other required documents to the Office of Student Financial Assistance. All documents must be translated into English and all figures must be in US dollars.

2014-15 Supplemental Financial Assistance Instruction Sheet (PDF)

2014-15 Supplemental Financial Assistance Application (PDF)

2014-15 Supplemental Financial Assistance Checklist (PDF)

Please do not fax or e-mail financial aid application information. Thank you.

Applicants may also request that a financial aid application packet be mailed to them. Please contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance.


Veronica McAuley, director of student financial assistance, (215) 717-3188