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Meet new Curtis student Marlène Ngalissamy

Marlène Ngalissamy chats with fellow new student Tania VillasusoBassonist Marlène Ngalissamy is a member of Curtis's 2017 incoming class. Below, she shares some thoughts about her path to Curtis and what it means to join the lineage of Curtis alumni that have influenced her career. Join us in welcoming Marlène and all of our new students to the Curtis family!

What has been your most important musical experience until now?
There have been so many! One of the most memorable was to play a concerto with the Metropolitain Symphony Orchestra in Montreal. But the experiences that influenced my playing and vision of the bassoon were to meet Carlo Colombo from the Lyon Opera, who significally influenced my ''sound goal,'' and Christopher Millard from National Arts Center Orchetra, who changed my vision and relationship with reeds!
How did you hear about Curtis?
My previous teacher was an alumnus of Curtis! He spoke a lot about the school and listening to him, I felt that I wanted to be a part of the adventure, too. Also, a lot of musicians that I admire went to Curtis, and that is a huge inspiration.
What are you looking forward to most about attending Curtis?
I'm looking forward to meet very nice people and talented musicians, make music, and push each other to learn and progress together!