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Meet new Curtis student Justin Bernardi

Justin Bernardi

Trumpet student Justin Bernardi is a member of Curtis's 2017 incoming class. Below, he shares some thoughts about his path to Curtis and his experiences over his first week. Join us in welcoming Justin and all of our new students to the Curtis family!

What has been your most important musical experience until now?
My most important musical experience was at the TMEA (Texas Music Educators Association) all-state orchestra performances in 2016 and 2017. My junior year in high school, I was placed fifth and my best friend placed first. It was an amazing experience to sit with him on stage and watch him play several solos during the piece, and it was very inspiring for me. Then, my senior year, I worked harder than I ever did before to get first place. I would practice before and after school with my teacher, who would clear his schedule to do extra work with me, and I would even leave class early in order to practice more. My senior year I did place first, and got to play [Bartók's] Concerto for Orchestra.

How did you hear about Curtis?
When I started looking for places to audition for college, Curtis was one of the first places my teacher Steve recommended to me. The more we looked into Curtis, the more we liked it, and very soon it became my dream school.

What’s something that stands out about your first weeks here?
The most interesting thing that has happened to me in the first week was getting to know my suitemates and some of their friends, and finding my own group of friends. Throughout orientation I found myself sitting with some of the same people, and we started to hang out together a little bit. It was a great experience to meet and interact with new people.

What are you looking forward to most about attending Curtis?
I am most looking forward to working with Mr. Bilger and the trumpet studio. I have met and talked to all of the trumpet students over the summer, and they all are very friendly and helpful. I have heard great things about Mr. Bilger from everyone I talk to, and had a great time at my audition and really believe he will be an amazing teacher for me.