"My only wish is that the program was longer!"

Fall 2020 Pilot Program Participant


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Curtis Mentor Network Winter Session

Welcome! This page is for students participating in the Curtis Mentor Network. Here you'll find information about the program, tips for making the most of your lessons, and contact information for help. We're thrilled that you're participting in Curtis's newest program, and we're here to help make it run smoothly and successfully.


Enrollment opens Friday, December 2020 and is rolling until the program is full. This program is appropriate for dedicated young musicians age 14 and older, as well as adult learners. The program begins the week of January 11, 2021, and all lessons and studio classes are scheduled via email based on mentor and participant availability.

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Mentor Roster 

Scheduling Your Lesson

Once assigned, your mentor will email you to introduce themself; all lessons are scheduled via email.

For help, email support@curtis.edu

Joining Your Lesson

All lessons take place on Zoom. Your teacher will email you a Zoom link in advance of your lesson, which is how you will connect. Please be on time. 

For help, email support@curtis.edu.

Tips For Great Lessons

Choose a quiet room with few distractions. Minimizing ambient noise, like air conditioning or fans, will result in clearer audio. Spaces with soft, sound-absorbing elements like upholstered furniture and carpet also help with audio clarity. Lessons must take place on a Zoom-enabled device with reliable internet access. Below are Zoom settings that optimize audio for music lessons. 


We recommend using an external microphone and headphones or earbuds for your lessons. If you have questions about your equipment configuration to improve remote learning, please email support@curtis.edu.

Contact Our Support Team

Our teaching assistants, Elise ArancioAlistair ColemanClaire Thai, are current Curtis students who are trained to help answer your questions about anything from troubleshooting technology to audition preparation and conservatory applications. You can reach them, and Curtis staff, by emailing support@curtis.edu. We will respond within one business day.

Share Your Feedback

This is a new program, and we're eager to hear what you think! Email us at any time at support@curtis.edu.