The Master of Music degree in opera requires a minimum of thirty-two graduate credits (g.c.).

The program normally takes two years to complete, but a student may stay an optional third year at the discretion of the dean of vocal studies and the Curtis president. Each student receives at least two vocal coaching sessions per week. A Bachelor of Music degree or equivalent is required for degree candidacy. In the last semester, the dean of vocal studies, dean, and president will evaluate the progress and course of study of each student.

Incoming students will be counseled by the department faculty, who will suggest ways of remedying any weakness in theoretical, aural, or language skills. Voice teacher selection will be made by the student with the approval of the dean of vocal studies and the president. Emphasis in the opera program is on performing and developing performance skills. Typically the Curtis Opera Theatre performs three productions each year with the Curtis Symphony Orchestra or Curtis Chamber Orchestra.

General Requirements


Year One

Year Two

Voice Lesson 2 g.c. 2 g.c.
Opera Staging 6 g.c. 6 g.c.
Voice Repertoire Coaching 3 g.c. 3 g.c.
Opera History Seminar 1 g.c. 1 g.c.
Opera Performance Seminar 1 g.c. 1 g.c.
Alexander Technique 2 g.c. 2 g.c.
Diction Coaching 1 g.c. 1 g.c.
Acting Seminar 2 g.c. 2 g.c.
Total 18 g.c. 18 g.c.

Additional Departmental Requirements

Students must take or audit at least one course in literature, drama, art history, modern language, musical studies, or career studies at Curtis or at the University of Pennsylvania under the reciprocal agreement.