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Instrumentalists and Conductors

  • October 2017: Applications available
  • February 5, noon EST: Applications for all instrumental and conducting participants due. An additional $35 late fee will be assessed on applications submitted after this date.
  • February: Notification of admission and financial aid status provided to all instrumental and conducting applicants who submitted by February 5.
  • March 1: Payment due*

*Accepted applicants may inquire about installment plans.



  • October 2017: Applications available
  • February 5, noon EST: Composers who apply by this date save $35 on application fee
  • March 15, noon EST: All composition applications due
  • Early April: Notification of admission and financial aid status provided to all composition applicants
  • April 20, noon EST: Payment due
  • Application Fee: $65 / $100*
  • Tuition: $3,500
  • Housing and Dining: $2,650**

*Application fee: $65 before noon EST on February 5, 2018; $100 (after February 5). Applicants also submit a $25 transaction fee.

**Includes three unlimited meals per day, housing in Lenfest Hall, and residential activities. Does not include travel or medical care. Local musicians are welcome to commute.

Acceptance to the Young Artist Summer Program is need-blind. Limited financial assistance from Curtis Summerfest may be available, but is not guaranteed. Notice of financial assistance awards will be included in the acceptance status e-mail.

Students and parents are also urged to seek financial assistance from local sources: self-organized fundraisers; school music organizations; county, state, or national music education organizations; youth orchestras and bands; music clubs; service clubs (Rotary, Kiwanas, etc.); businesses; local churches; and foundations.


Merit-based financial assistance

To apply for merit-based financial assistance, see section 4 (Scholarship) of the online application. Answer “Yes” to the first question in this section (“Are you applying for merit-based financial assistance?”).

No further action is required to be considered for merit-based financial assistance.


Need-based financial assistance

To apply for need-based financial assistance, upload the following to section 4 (Scholarship) of the online application.

U.S. citizens:

      • The Young Artist Summer Program 2018 Financial Assistance Application, completed and signed (download the PDF here).
      • All parent/guardian 2016 tax returns
      • All parent/guardian 2017 W2 forms

International applicants:

      • The Young Artist Summer Program 2018 Financial Assistance Application, completed and signed (download the PDF here).
      • Copies of all parent/guardians’ most recent bank statements, in English or with translation provided
      • Letters, in English or with translation provided, from all parent/guardian employers stating total wages earned from January 2016–December 2016.

The majority of YASP applicants are dependent upon parent or guardians. If you are an older applicant aged 21 or 22 and are financially independent, income documentation should be your own.


Canadian citizens

Musicians who reside in Canada are invited to apply for the Council for Canadian American Relations Cross-Border Summer Scholarship, which covers tuition, housing and dining for those who might not otherwise have the financial resources to participate. One Canadian applicant from those accepted into the program will receive notification of this award by e-mail. Applicants who wish to be considered for this scholarship should upload the CCAR Application onto section 4 (scholarship) of the online application (download the PDF here).

Limited positions available in percussion, viola, and tenor trombone.

Bass trombone, bassoon, cello, clarinet, composition, conducting, double bass, flute, french horn, harp, oboe, piano, trumpet, tuba, and violin applications are now closed.


1. Prepare

Prepare supplementary materials.

A digital photo of yourself, from which a photo ID will be generated. The photo must be full-face view directly facing the camera with both eyes open, no glasses, and no hat or head covering that obscures or shadows your face. (Head coverings worn daily for religious purpose are allowed.)

Contact information for current private teacher. Once you submit your application, your teacher will receive an email with directions from the application system to submit a recommendation letter online. Please coordinate with your private teacher, so that they are ready to submit the recommendation letter promptly once you have applied.

A list of what you’ve played in the past, solo, orchestral and/or chamber works; indicate with an asterisk* the pieces you have been working on for the past year.

Composers: a list of works written, with an asterisk* on the pieces you have completed in the past year.

Your video audition (or composition files if applying as a composer) is the most important part of your application. See below for specific video requirements. Smart-phone video is accepted as long as the image and sound is clear.

In a short video statement, please address three topics. The statement should be made in English.
1. One meaningful highlight of your musical studies.
2. What do you hope to learn by attending this summer program?
3. How do you see music playing a role in your future?

2. Apply

Click "apply now" and create an account on the application platform. Complete the application.

Apply Now

3. Pay

Pay the application fee on the application platform: $65.
Applicants will be notified of their status by email (acceptance, waiting list, or no admittance). For those accepted, the notice will include directions on tuition and housing payments.


Video Audition Requirements:

Two sample compositions with PDF scores and mp3 recordings, if available. 

Conducting applications for 2018 are now closed. We encourage you to check back in the fall for 2019 applications.


A video sample of your conducting, lasting no less than ten and no more than fifteen minutes.

Suggested timing for the whole recorded submission is 10 to 15 minutes. Piano accompaniment where appropriate is recommended but not required. Some departments permit latitude in the selection of works to be submitted, while others require specific repertoire:

Violin, Viola, Cello

Your recording must include three contrasting selections: one movement of a solo Bach work, a classical period work, and one work of your choice in a style that contrasts with the others.

Double Bass, Harp, Woodwinds, Brass

Your recording must include two contrasting pieces or movements that represent your level of accomplishment.

(Bass trombone, clarinet, double bass, and oboe applications for 2018 are now closed. We encourage you to check back in the fall for 2019 applications.)


Your recording must include three contrasting selections of music:

    1. Cirone: Étude No. 2 from Portraits in Rhythm
    2. One movement of a Bach cello suite, violin sonata or partita
    3. One work of your choice (timpani, marimba, drum set, congas, etc.)

A video sample of your playing, lasting under 30 minutes and including three contrasting selections of music:

  1. Solo Bach work
  2. One movement of a classical period work
  3. One work of your choice in a style that contrasts with the others


Application Process

The deadline for instrumentalist, pianist, and conductor applications is Monday, February 5, 2018 at noon EST. All applications for instrumental and conducting divisions will be reviewed by the faculty committee after February 5, and results will be emailed to applicants in February. After the deadline, applications for these divisions will still be accepted and reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Due to a high level of interest, we cannot guarantee availability for all sections or instruments after the deadline. Instrumental divisions that are no longer receiving applications will be noted on the application page under “Video Audition Requirements,” and will be closed on the application platform. For this reason, all applicants are encouraged to apply by the deadline or as soon as possible afterward.

All composition applications are due Thursday, March 15, 2018 at noon EST. Composers may apply by February 5 at noon EST to save $35 on the application fee. All composition applications, including those submitted earlier than March 15, will be reviewed by faculty after Thursday, March 15. Composition results will be sent in early April.

Applicants will be notified of their status by email (acceptance, waiting list, or no admittance). For those accepted, the notice will cover details on tuition and housing payments, including a deadline to secure your position. Equal-installment payment plans may be possible for those who apply by the regular deadline.

After being informed of the wait-list result, wait-listed applicants are notified of their status as spaces become available. Wait-listed applicants may or may not be accepted. The waiting list exists until the start of the program. If you wish to withdraw from the waiting list, contact so that opportunities may be granted to other qualified applicants.




The Curtis Institute of Music highly values a diverse international student body. Curtis Summerfest welcomes all applicants regardless of race, geographic origin, religious background, socio-economic level, gender, or sexual orientation.