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Tuition is now $2,250. There is, of course, no housing and dining fee. For information on financial assistance, please visit this page.

Many of the faculty will be the same as those who were scheduled for the in-person program. In fact, most of them are already teaching students online. All faculty members are esteemed performers and almost all are Curtis alumni who are accomplished soloists, hold positions in major chamber and orchestra ensembles, and are teachers at recognized teaching institutions. Confirmed updates will be posted to the website as soon as possible. Feel free to inquire on the specifics for your discipline by sending an e-mail to with “YASP faculty question” in the subject line.

Video sessions will be recorded so they may be referred to later if needed (for educational use only.) Here is one possible example, if a student is able to participate in all activities live, in real time. The actual timing will vary.

All times in Eastern Daylight Time:

9–10 a.m. Warm up/movement (at home, on your own)
10–11 a.m. Private live lesson via video app (may occur at a different time)
11:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m. Musical studies class via webinar*
12:30–2 p.m. Lunchtime mixer (call in to a virtual hang-out or check the discussion boards while you eat lunch)
2–3 p.m. Studio class via webinar*
3–4 p.m. Professional development speaker/Q&A via webinar*
4–6 p.m. Break/practice time
6–7 p.m. Dinner at home
7:30 p.m. Open Performance via webinar (optional)

*recorded for later viewing, if student is unable to tune in live

  • Computer or smartphone with internet connection (required)
  • Camera connected to computer, or camera built into computer, to stream video (required)
  • Headphones (required)
  • External microphone that connects to computer (optional)
  • Here are two examples:

Link 1 (Blue Yeti/Blue series USB microphones): This option is simple to plug into your device and can be used for both speaking and recording your instrument. Microphone settings are adjusted in Zoom and on the microphone itself. It has been tested by a Curtis staff member who liked it. 

Link 2 (Samson G-Track Pro/Samson USB microphones): This option is simple to plug into your device and can be used for both speaking and recording your instrument. It also has a setting that allows instruments to be plugged directly into the microphone. Microphone volume settings are adjusted on the microphone only. It has been tested by a Curtis staff member who liked it.

Selecting the “cardioid” setting that is on both of these microphones produces improved sound for Zoom calls.

Note on Remote Learning Equipment
Curtis is seeking sponsors to support student technology for students in need. If you lack the required equipment, such as a wifi hotspot or a device with a screen that will be available to you during the program, please contact us at before you pay tuition.

There is no language requirement for international applicants. For the best experience, however, we suggest a basic understanding of conversational English.

We are quickly learning about options for virtual pianists and will make recommendations based on the student and repertoire. When a virtual pianist cannot be obtained, faculty will accept students playing their part on their own.

  • Students who have already been accepted into the program may choose to either participate in this virtual program or decline. All financial assistance awards will be reviewed in light of the new structure, on a case-by-case basis. Please contact with “Enrollment decision” in the subject line by Friday, April 24 at noon ET.
    • If you confirm attendance, we will follow up about partial refunds (if your installments currently exceed $2,250, as many do) or payment. You will have the option to donate back your partial refund in order to support financial assistance for other students.
    • If you decline participation in the virtual online program, you will receive a refund of tuition and housing payments.
  • Students who have been wait-listed for the program will remain on the waiting list and may receive acceptance to the program if space becomes available.
  • Newer applications are now being reviewed by faculty for this virtual program. These applicants will be informed of admission status by e-mail.