Chamber Music and Orchestra for Adults

Concert attire for adult participants is work casual. (It doesn’t have to be black or white.) Please no sneakers or jeans.

  • All relevant instrument tools: pencils and red pencils, mutes, extra strings, reed tools, metronome, rosin, end pin rest, folding stand, etc.
  • Your music! It will be the participants’ responsibility to purchase chamber music. Orchestra music will be provided.
  • Extra music for rehearsing in your free time
  • Phone and/or calling card
  • Toiletries and wardrobe essentials
  • Hangers (if desired; some are available at Lenfest Hall)
  • Extra blanket(s)
  • Your favorite leisure activity in book, puzzle, or game form—especially for those who are traveling
  • Spending money (Lenfest Hall has vending machines, and we are surrounded by good coffee options!)