Lenfest Hall has two secure entrances — the main entrance at 1616 Locust Street, and the other on Latimer Street. There will be a guard at the Locust Street entrance 24/7. There will be a “roving” guard on most shifts. Students, staff, and faculty coming to Lenfest Hall may enter through either entrance and go through turnstiles activated by swipe cards at both entrances. Student residents are issued a personal security key card to swipe/enter Lenfest Hall and their respective suites. Non-Curtis visitors must sign in at the Locust Street guard’s desk before they are permitted through the turnstile. Summerfest does not permit any guest in Lenfest Hall over the summer; this increases the security and level of overall safety in the Hall. A Curtis Institute of Music Security and Fire Safety Report is available on the main Curtis website.

Summer Program Assistants act as Residence Life coordinators during Curtis Summerfest. An SPA will be on call 24/7 during your stay at Lenfest Hall. SPAs are selected on the basis of their interpersonal skills and their ability to contribute to life at Lenfest Hall. They are specially trained to solve problems, resolve conflicts, and otherwise serve the needs of residents; their chief concern is the comfort and safety of the residents. They also assist in publicizing and implementing housing policies, enforcing rules, and planning activities.