Jeffrey Khaner Flute Festival

Is there required repertoire for a performer?
There is no required repertoire once accepted.

Can I perform different repertoire than I submit in the application?
Yes. Prior to arrival, a representative of Summerfest will email you to confirm which works you will perform in master classes.

We then provide this information to the accompanist.

Can my child under the age of 14 be a performer?
Yes. Because this is younger than the typical age of Jeffrey Khaner Flute Festival participants, we ask that performers under age 14 be accompanied by an adult, who must register as an auditor.

What repertoire will an auditor rehearse and perform?
Auditors observe all master classes, and rehearse with flute ensembles and flute choir.

Some flute choir works will be selected to perform on the final recital. All participants, including auditors, are welcome to perform in the flute choir.

Repertoire for flute ensembles and flute choir is determined during the program. There is no need to prepare this repertoire in advance.