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1. Prepare

Prepare supplementary materials.

A recording sample lasting no less than ten minutes and no more than fifteen minutes. Singers should choose three contrasting songs or arias from the classical vocal and opera repertoire from the 18th, 19th, and/or 20th centuries.

A digital photo of yourself, from which a photo ID will be generated. The photo must be full-face view directly facing the camera with both eyes open, no glasses, and no hat or head covering that obscures or shadows your face. (Head coverings worn daily for religious purpose are allowed.

Contact information for current private teacher (your teacher will receive an email with directions from the registration system to submit a recommendation letter online)

In addition to songs and arias you already know, list music assigned by your private instructor to be learned during this period. On the first day, singers will perform for one another and the faculty in a Sing-In. Singers should prepare at least one song or aria for the Sing-In. You will be asked to list this in the application.

Statement of your musical goals and a list of your accomplishments

2. Apply

Click "apply now" and create an account on the application platform. Complete the application.

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3. Pay

Pay the application fee on the application platform: *Application fee: $90 before January 19, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. EST; $150 (January 19–March 6).
Applications close Friday, March 6, 2020 at noon EST.

You will be notified of your status by email; the notice will include directions on tuition and housing payments.


The Curtis Institute of Music highly values a diverse international student body. Curtis Summerfest welcomes all applicants regardless of race, geographic origin, religious background, socio-economic level, gender, or sexual orientation.

Applications to the Curtis Institute of Music and/or Curtis Summerfest are separate. Entries, materials and fees are not transferable. If applying to both, applicants should submit all items separately and in duplicate if required. Please refer to the program and application pages on this site for specific faculty rosters, application requirements, and program overviews. Enrollment in Curtis Summerfest garners no preferential treatment when auditioning for the conservatory in concurrent or subsequent years. Please contact for questions regarding Curtis Summerfest (summer programs) admissions, and for questions regarding Curtis Institute of Music (conservatory) admissions.