Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 Chamber Music for Adults program has been cancelled.


1. Prepare your materials

Repertoire list (what you have played in the past, either solo or chamber) to help us group you into the proper ensemble and section placement.

Statement of your musical goals for the weekend.

A digital photo of yourself, from which a photo ID will be generated. The photo must be full-face view directly facing the camera with both eyes open, no glasses, and no hat or head covering that obscures or shadows your face. (Head coverings worn daily for religious purpose are allowed.)

A video recording of your playing, lasting no less than 10 and no more than 15 minutes. It doesn’t have to be professional and it is to help us group you into the proper ensemble and section placement. There are no repertoire requirements; however, we suggest two contrasting excerpts.

If you are attending with a previously formed group, there is no need to submit a video recording.  Past attendees do not need to submit a photo or audio sample.

2. Fill out the registration

3. Register and pay by March 6, 2020

At the end of the registration on Acceptd, pay via credit card for the registration fee, tuition, and if you're staying at Lenfest Hall, housing. Starting noon EST Friday, January 17, 2020, $60 will be added to the registration fee. Registration closes Friday, March 6, 2020 at midnight EST.


1. Stick around and get the most out of your experience

We ask that you free yourself of other major work commitments that would take you away from the Curtis campus during this time. The chamber program schedule includes some flexible time, being built around five hour-long coachings with faculty. Those coachings are important for you and your fellow ensemble members. As our faculty members say: Chamber music is a democracy and every voice is imperative.

Therefore, missing a coaching for a prior commitment could mean being asked to leave the program without refund so that the rest of the chamber ensemble can proceed as scheduled with a hired substitute, should one be available. (This does not apply to medical emergencies.)

If you would like to participate in the program but know that you will not be present for its entirety, we encourage you to register with friends as a pre-formed ensemble, with the understanding that your group would be foregoing some coaching time by being otherwise committed.

2. Take your bow. 

All participants perform in one of the final two chamber recitals on Saturday, May 23. We can't wait for you to have that thrill, and are honored every year by musicians’ generous gift of performing music in front of an audience. In the event that during the program you have a change in heart and start to feel nervous about performing, please reach out to staff so that we may assist you. We have been there! Exceptions can be made for pre-formed groups in which every member is in agreement and does not wish to perform. 

When booking travel, please allow for the possibility your group will be scheduled on the afternoon recital. We also hope you’ll stay for the reception on the Dannenbaum Terrace!

3. Love the music, in all its many forms. 

But if you have preferences of what type of piece you would like to work on, as we all do, please clearly indicate them on your registration and also allow for some level of flexibility. Faculty do their very best to accommodate requests as closely as possible for certain repertoire or ensemble types (string quartet vs. piano trio; ensemble with a Curtis student embedded or ensemble with people from a certain geographic area; etc.). However, our ability to accommodate such requests is based on the program’s enrollment, and so not all requests can be fully honored. Those with a specific piece in mind are encouraged to register as a fully pre-formed ensemble. That doesn’t mean that if you love baroque and classical we’ll assign you a contemporary piece! It just means if your heart is set on having a Curtis student in your group, tell us that is your priority. Or, if you desperately want to make this the year for a difficult piece you’ve been working towards, maybe recruit some friends who are up to the challenge to sign-up as a pre-formed group! If in doubt, contact us at Summerfest before you register and we’ll be more than happy to discuss what you are hoping for.

Chamber Music + Orchestra or Piano Class

  • Tuition: $900
  • Registration Fee: $90/$150*
  • Housing and Dining: $520

Chamber Music Only

  • Tuition: $700
  • Registration Fee: $90/$150*
  • Housing and Dining: $520

Chamber Orchestra Only

  • Tuition: $375
  • Registration Fee: $90/$150*
  • Housing and Dining: $480

*Registration fee: $90 before Friday, January 17, 2020 at noon EST; $150 (NOON EST January 17–NOON EST March 6).

Registration closes Friday, March 6, 2020 at noon EST.

Scholarship for Young Professionals

Avocational musicians between the ages of 25 to 35 who live in the Philadelphia area are invited to apply for the Bryan Anderson and Patrick Kreeger Scholarship, which covers partial to full tuition for young professionals who might not otherwise have the financial resources to participate. For more details, please contact summerfest@curtis.edu.


Discount for Graduate Students

Full-time Graduate students ages 23 through 29 are eligible for a 50% discount on tuition. College graduate students in any major, including music, are encouraged to join us. Contact summerfest@curtis.edu for more information; and please include in your message documentation of your full-time student status in the form of a registrar enrollment form, letter from an advisor, transcript or course schedule, etc. (This discount cannot be combined with the Bryan Anderson and Patrick Kreeger Scholarship.)


Discount for Curtis Donors

Curtis Society members (those who have given $100 to Curtis Institute) receive 15% discount on tuition. Contact summerfest@curtis.edu for your discount code to be entered at the end of registration.