I’m having trouble making a recording, or with some other element of the online registration.

Below are a few quick links to technical support. You may also contact our application platform, Acceptd, for technical support: (888) 725-2122, ext. 2 or support@getacceptd.com


Can we move our chamber coaching times to fit better in our schedules?

We ask that chamber musicians be available at all possible coaching times noted in the schedule. You will be given your coaching schedule prior to the start of the program. It may not be possible to reschedule a coaching if one member of the group is missing.

Chamber participants are free to use the times they are not in coachings for rehearsals, private practice, or break time. We encourage you to discuss this with one another and decide together.


Can family members from out of town also stay in Lenfest Hall?

If there is room in the Lenfest Hall suites, family members are welcome to stay at a per-night additional cost. Contact summerfest@curtis.edu in the spring to inquire.


Can we bring other music to read through?

Participants are encouraged to bring all music that they would like to read through with others. Chamber groups are encouraged to discuss with one another in advance how they would like to spend their rehearsal time. You may also bring music to read with musicians outside of your ensemble whom you will meet at the program, and coordinate independently when to do read-throughs during the program.

For the enjoyment and fulfillment of goals of all participants, coachings and recital time focus on the music assigned before the program.