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Policies and Procedures


Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited in Lenfest Hall, regardless of age.

Pennsylvania state law requires that all students living in college-provided housing receive the meningitis vaccine before moving in. You will be given the keys to your apartment ONLY after you provide documentation stating that you meet this state requirement. 

Parents are not permitted to reside in Lenfest Hall. Parents of resident students need prior permission to enter the housing floors, 5 through 9.

Residential Handbook

Additional regulations, policies, and rules required for living safely and productively in a residential community are provided in the Lenfest Hall Residential Handbook. This handbook offers a comprehensive reference for living in Lenfest Hall. The policies are designed to ensure a pleasant, safe, and equitable standard-of-living in your residential community for everyone.

Upon signing your housing application/agreement, you agree to follow the residential policies stated in this handbook. The residential handbook is considered part of Curtis's overall student code of conduct.


Maggie Stauffer, director of residence life (215) 875-4256