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Campus Resources

The student services staff is available to meet with students, usually without an appointment. We can provide information, answer questions, and offer advice on all student-related concerns including: student life, residence life, financial assistance, housing, physical and behavioral health, musician injury prevention, psychological counseling, international student advising, academic advising and tutoring, campus safety, on-campus employment, student government, and things to do in and around Philadelphia.  

Laurel Grady, associate dean of student services and international student affairs
Office: 1726 Locust Street, first floor

Thomas Bandar, assistant dean student affairs and residence life
Office: Lenfest Hall, 1616 Locust Street, fourth floor

Veronica McAuley, director of student financial assistance
Office:  Lenfest Hall, 1616 Locust Street, 1st Floor 


Student Safety and Sexual Assault

Curtis is committed to ensuring a safe and healthy environment for students and seeks to provide services or advocacy for victims of sexual assault. These services may be provided on campus or off campus via a member of our mental health team, University of Pennsylvania Student Health Service, or the Victims Support and Assistance Unit of the Philadelphia Police Department. These services are invaluable to survivors of sexual assault; they can help ensure future physical safety, as well as mitigate the mental and emotional harm caused by sexual assault. To learn more about student rights and services visit the Curtis Sexual Misconduct Complaint Procedure.

In addition to the resources in this section, consult Practical Procedures for more information of interest.