Minors and Privacy

Curtis discourages minors who are not members of the Curtis community from creating accounts without verifiable parental permission; Curtis does not request nor collect personal information from children, such as first and last name or street address and city except for those minors who have submitted applications. When minors send e-mail to Curtis, their online contact information (e-mail address) is not used to re-contact them and is not maintained in retrievable form, again except for current applicants. Curtis will not knowingly collect or acquire any information from anyone under the age of thirteen without verifiable prior parental consent, as required by Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Parents of minors can verify their consent to Curtis, as defined by COPPA, by submitting a faxed signature of approval or photocopy of a driver’s license. To submit parental consent for a minor to join the online Curtis community, fax the webmaster at (215) 893-0537.

When Curtis requests personally identifiable information of a user in order to set an account at this website, Curtis will take all reasonable and customary measures as are required by COPPA to gain verifiable parental or guardian consent prior to accepting information from children who are minors and members of the Curtis community. In that event, Curtis will provide those parents with access to their child's information, and the opportunity to delete the information and opt out of the future collection or use of the information, and Curtis will maintain the confidentiality, security, and integrity of any personal information collected from children. For more information about COPPA, visit the Federal Trade Commission website.