Alumni Policy

Except as provided for by law, it is Curtis’s policy not to divulge any alumni information to non-alumni. Curtis does not release any information regarding its alumni to outside parties without express permission of the alumnus/alumna in question.

All alumni are members of the Curtis Alumni Network, and those who voluntarily provide the school with personal contact information may occasionally receive communications from Curtis. Alumni are automatically opted in to receive communications from Curtis upon graduation. Alumni address, phone, and e-mail contact information are exclusively available in Curtis Connect to the Curtis Alumni Network via a password-protected log-in. Alumni who register can elect to customize their communications preferences and provide Curtis with any changes to their personal and professional information.

When alumni log in and use Curtis Connect, biographical, contact, professional information, and options to share social media are listed. This information is automatically available to all other alumni, faculty, and staff through Curtis Connect. Once alumni have registered in Curtis Connect, they then have the chance to determine what personal data to display to their classmates on an item-by-item basis by checking the "Make Private" checkbox on their Profile Update form. These fields default to viewable until they are changed solely by the alumna or alumnus.

Alumni who use Curtis Connect are subject to the Privacy Policy, like all users of this website.