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Curtis Mentor Network Pilot Program (Fall 2020)

Welcome! This page is for students participating in the Curtis Mentor Network pilot program, running from mid-October 2020 until the Thanksgiving holiday. Here you'll find instructions for how to schedule and join your lessons, tips for making the most of your lessons, and contact information for help. We're thrilled that you're participting in this exciting new program, and we're here to help make it run smoothly and successfully.

Scheduling Your Lesson

On Sunday, October 18 you can begin scheduling your five, 45-minute lessons by emailing your mentor. Click on your mentor's name in the below list for his or her email address.

Periodically, your mentor may ask you to upload videos to your Curtis Alumni Network Acceptd account for review and feedback.

For help, email support@curtis.edu

Joining Your Lesson

Before each lesson, your mentor will send you an email with two links. The email will look similar to the screenshot below. 

  • It's important to start by opening the first link, which is an invitation to a Cleanfeed session and high quality audio connection with your mentor.
  • Once you hear your mentor, click the second link to open an invitation to a Google Meet video connection in a separate tab or window. 
  • Once you see your mentor, be sure to mute yourself on Google Meet, since you're already connected to audio via Cleanfeed.

Now, you're ready to begin! 

Tips For Great Lessons

Lessons must take place on a desktop, laptop computer, or iPad, and with access to reliable internet, either via ethernet or wireless connection. Cleanfeed works best in the Google Chrome browser, and is not supported on mobile devices

Choose a quiet room with few distractions. Minimizing ambient noise, like air conditioning or fans, will result in clearer audio. Spaces with soft, sound-absorbing elements like upholstered furniture and carpet also help with audio clarity. 

While not required, external microphones, a webcam, and good headphones can make a big difference in remote learning. We recommend the following products:

For help, email support@curtis.edu.

Contact Our Support Team

Our teaching assistants, Alistair Coleman and Claire Thai, are current Curtis students who are trained to help answer your questions about anything from troubleshooting technology, to audition preparation and conservatory applications. You can reach them, and Curtis staff, by emailing support@curtis.edu. We will respond within one business day.

Share Your Feedback

This is a new program, and we're eager to hear what you think! Email us at any time at support@curtis.edu.