Uddipana Goswami

Liberal Arts

Uddipana Goswami is a writer and feminist peace researcher with a Ph.D. in conflict studies from Jawaharlal Nehru University in India. She is author of six books including an academic monograph, Conflict and Reconciliation: The Politics of Ethnicity in Assam (Routledge 2013), and a collection of short stories set against the violent conflicts in Northeast India, No Ghosts in This City (Zubaan 2014). She is working a book on gender and ethno-nationalist conflicts, which draws on her Fulbright post-doctoral research at the University of Pennsylvania.

A former journalist and editor, Dr. Goswami worked with several multi-national and hyperlocal media groups, including the National Geographic Channel (2002–04) and Seven Sisters Post (2011–12). As an academic, she has taught at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (India), Guwahati College (India), the University of Pennsylvania (U.S.), and the Peabody Institute at the Johns Hopkins University (U.S.).

Dr. Goswami joined the faculty of the Curtis Institute of Music in 2020.