Graduation Recital: John Marcel Williams, guitar

Guitarist John Marcel Williams presents a trio of works from the baroque, Romantic, and modern eras, each inspired by the music of other composers. J. S. Bach’s Concerto in D major draws directly from the composer’s Italian contemporary Antonio Vivaldi. Wenzel Matiegka, a contemporary of Beethoven and Schubert, borrowed from Franz Haydn to create an irresistible confection for solo guitar. The recital closes with Benjamin Britten’s Nocturnal after John Dowland. In this dreamlike and melancholy theme and variations, Britten pays homage to a key figure of the English Renaissance.


Program (subject to change)


Concerto in D major, BWV 972










Sonata in B minor, Op. 23


     Presto fugato




     Rondo: Allegro non tanto 




Nocturnal after John Dowland, Op. 70


Notes from John

How have you been preparing for your recital? Anything different since it is recorded? 

Preparing is mostly the same when it comes to practice, but recording presents some unique challenges. I live in a small studio apartment with a cat. I've done a few recorded performances over the past year and she seems to really enjoy jumping on the chair or into the camera shot at the worst times. 

What is a favorite memory from your time at Curtis? 

So many good memories, but I think I'll miss the little things most, like summer nights practicing at the old building with a view of Rittenhouse Square from my window.  

What is one thing you are excited to experience after graduating? 

After nearly 10 years of school and 3 degrees from 2 schools, I'm happy to be done with school! Studying at Curtis has been an incredible experience, but I'm looking forward to spending all of my time and energy performing and teaching on my own as I go forward.