Curtis Rewards Card Program

Patrons can obtain a Curtis Rewards Card at any student recital and present it for scanning at each recital attended. With repeated attendance, cardholders earn Curtis merchandise, gift certifcates to ticketed Curtis performances, and discounts to Philadelphia restaurants, among other incentives.

Scanning Rewards

Scan your card at every student recital you attend and accumulate points for the following:

  • 10 Scans: Gift certificate to a Curtis Symphony Orchestra or Curtis Presents concert
  • 15 Scans: Curtis merchandise

After 15 scans, your balance will reset to 0, and you can continue to receive rewards.


Just by signing up for a card, you are eligible for discounts at local restaurants and shops. Below are just a few discounts available to card holders...more to be added!

  • Black Sheep Pub: 10% off all food and drink (excluding alcoholic beverages)
  • Spice Finch: 10% off food and drink (excluding Friday, Saturday, and Happy Hour specials)
  • Poi Dog: 10% off food and drink (excluding Ahi Poke bowls and per lb)

Find us at the Curtis Rewards Card table at every student recital!