Welcome! We're Glad You're Here

We want you to have a great experience at every Curtis performance!  

Are you new to Curtis performances? Here's what you need to know.

There’s no need to know before you go. Discovering a great piece of music you’ve never heard before in a live performance can be a powerful experience. But if you want to study up, that’s fine, too. For your convenience, you’ll find helpful links on our orchestra and opera web pages. Close to the performance date, we post program notes for orchestra and opera performances.

Curtis has no dress code. Your experience of the music is what's important, so wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. You will find a range of attire in the audience from casual to suits and dresses. Many concertgoers wear business attire or casual business attire.

We suggest you plan to arrive fifteen to thirty minutes before the performance is scheduled to begin. This will give you time to find your seat, get settled, and read the program notes. Keep in mind that attendees who arrive late will be seated after the conclusion of the first work on the program.

Yes…but. We invite audiences to take pictures at our Family Concerts. At all other performances, you should feel free to take pictures, selfies, and videos outside the performance space—in the lobby before and after the concert, and at intermission.

In most performances, though, taking pictures and videos can create major distractions for the musicians and audience members around you. As a result, no photography or recording of any kind is permitted during our operas, orchestra concerts, or recitals.

By all means bring your phone, but please be prepared to turn it off—as well as any other electronic devices, such as beeping watches or pagers—before the performance begins. Be sure to do this again at the end of the intermission, after you have checked your e-mail, read the latest headlines, or texted your friends about the wonderful music you have been hearing.

At Curtis venues—Field Concert Hall, Gould Rehearsal Hall, or the Curtis Opera Studio—no food or beverages are allowed. There are water fountains in the hallways.

At the Kimmel Center, no food or beverages are permitted in Verizon Hall or the Perelman Theater. You may enjoy beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), snacks, and treats from the lobby bar before the performance or during intermission.

There are two reasons for applause in a performance: to greet the performers and to show appreciation.

The audience applauds as the musicians come on the stage. Then the applause stops for a while, as the audience and the performers concentrate on the music. Many works have multiple movements—sections separated by a brief pause. Please hold your applause during these pauses and wait for the end of the larger work. You can keep track of the movements and pauses by looking in your program, where the movements are listed. When in doubt, wait for others before applauding.

Once the work has concluded, clap to your heart’s content! For great performances, feel free to stand as you applaud. If you clap enough, you might be treated to an encore.

Children are welcome at Curtis performances, and are the primary audience for our Family Concerts, which are designed specifically for young children. For full-length orchestra concerts and operas, we encourage parents to consider a child’s developmental level and attention span before purchasing tickets.   

Once the music begins, we request that you avoid talking, whispering, humming, or moving personal belongings. This will ensure that the performers and your fellow patrons enjoy the full benefits of the performance.

If you must leave your seat while a performance is in progress, please proceed quickly and quietly to the nearest door or ask the nearest usher for assistance. (Note that if you leave during the performance, you will not be allowed back into the hall until an appropriate break in the program.)

Have a slight cold? If you’re worried you might cough during a quiet passage, feel free to bring cough drops with you. We recommend those wrapped in “quiet” paper. Have a couple of drops at the ready, rather than buried in your purse or pocket, so you can quickly and quietly make use of them!