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Curtis is proud to provide full-service, bespoke artist management for world-class alumni and faculty artists. To learn more, visit

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For presenters interested in Curtis on Tour, please contact us to learn about tour offerings.

 (except where otherwise specified below)

Andrew Lane
Vice President, Touring and Artist Management
(215) 717-3124

Julie Gaitens
Booking Representative
(215) 717-3146

Bret Noël
Manager of Touring Operations
(215) 717-3143


EUROPE (except orchestral tours)

Julika Castro
Curtis on Tour Project Manager, Europe
+49 30-8322 91 56


CENTRAL and SOUTH AMERICA (except orchestral tours)

Angélica Fanjul
Fanjul & Ward
+56 9 7978 2364


ORCHESTRAL TOURING (Worldwide, except North America)

Viola Frankenfeld
+49 (0)89 6797 10484