Ecotone: Selected Works for Solo Instruments

An ecotone is an area of transition between two environments. This concert features a selection of solo instrumental compositions that combine virtuosic technique with theatrical performance. From Aaron Jay Kernis’s outrageous Superstar Etude No. 1 to R. Murray Schafer’s mythically inspired The Crown of Ariadne, each work transforms the musician into a dramatic and dynamic character on stage.

BERIO Sequenza III
BERIO Sequenza V
KERNIS  Superstar Etude, No. 1
KIRSTEN  Pirouette on a Moon Sliver
SCHAFER  The Crown of Ariadne
SMITH The heaventree of stars hung with humid nightblue fruit







Ryan Seay ('11), in costume for a performance of Berio's Sequenza VWon Suk Lee ('16) perfoms a theatrical solo work at a previous Curtis 20/21 concert

Alize Rozsnayi ('13, '15, '16) performs Berio's Sequenza III for female voice








TICKETS: No tickets or advance reservations are required. Seating is first-come, first-served.

This performance will be broadcast live on YouTube and Facebook Live. A pre-concert discussion between 20/21 Ensemble artistic director David Ludwig and guest composer Amy Beth Kirsten will begin at 7:30 p.m., followed by the musical performance at 8. p.m.


Thoughts from Artistic Director David Ludwig


What will make this performance unique? David Ludwig, artistic director of the Curtis 20/21 Ensemble, shares his thoughts:

Much of this music will be as brand-new to the students as it is to the audience. They’ll be performing these pieces with all of the commitment they put into Beethoven, while taking on dramatic roles. This will stretch their musicianship and challenge their artistry in wonderful ways.

The 20/21 Ensemble performs some of the most fascinating and compelling music and composers of the 20th and 21st centuries. This particular program features all works that have a theatrical element, and as it’s taking place on Halloween, it’s only fitting that there will be costumes!

In biology, the “edge effect” happens where two contrasting ecosystems meet to create diverse and rich varieties of life. Our all-school project, inspired by this idea, is all about artists confronting external influences to make something new. As a composer I think about this all the time in the music I write with conscious and unconscious influences. For performers, a dialogue with another art form creates pathways to new techniques and approaches to their instruments or voices.