Music of Change

Music by Alexis C. Lamb
Projections by Camilla Tassi

In collaboration with The Purple Project for Democracy, Ensemble 20/21 presents a unique and timely multi-media concert experience. 

This program, dedicated to music and civic engagement, includes a world premiere by composer Alexis C. Lamb and designer Camilla Tassi. Their new work centers on American democracy and the average citizen’s power to shape it. Animated photos depicting images of powerful civic action play side-by-side with sung and spoken texts pulled from landmark rulings of the Supreme Court. In an era of hyper-partisan politics and political gridlock, this performance will leave you inspired to engage with the democratic process. 


This performance, originally scheduled for February 11, is being added to a collaborative program with Celebrating Penn Composers on March 26, 2022. 

Generous support for Ensemble 20/21 is provided by the Daniel W. Dietrich II Foundation.