Ensemble 20/21: Portrait of Alvin Singleton

Eight soloists perform composer in residence Alvin Singleton's eight-part masterpiece Argoru, whose title comes from the Ghanaian Twi language and means "to play." Singleton composed this kaleidoscopic work for eight instruments over a period of more than 30 years. Delight in the joyful juxtaposition of flute, piano, vibraphone, and more in this spirited collection of pieces.



  Argoru I
  Zitong Wang, piano
  Argoru II
  Matthew Christakos, cello
  Argoru III
  Calvin Mayman, flute
  Argoru IV
  Hae Sue Lee, viola
  Argoru V
  Simon Bakos, bass clarinet
  Argoru VI
  Yoonseo Kang, percussion
  Argoru VII
  Hamza Able, vibraphone
  Argoru VIII
  Julien BĂ©langer, snare drum

Generous support for Ensemble 20/21 is provided by the Daniel W. Dietrich II Foundation.