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Explore photos from the premiere of Anansi and the Great Light

This weekend, Curtis presented a unique family concert: the world premiere of Anansi and the Great Light, a children's opera by Curtis alumnus Nick DiBerardino. Nick worked with students from Girard College to create the libretto and craft musical ideas, and the Girard College Junior Cavalier Choir performed as the chorus in the opera. Photos: Jessica Griffin


Composer Nick DiBerardino speaks with a young audience member prior to the performance.


Clarinetist Yan Liu (left) and oboist Mekhi Gladden (right) demonstrate their instruments. The instrumentalists also wore handmade spider headpieces to celebrate the theme of the opera!


Percussionist Hanna Kim calls to the audience from behind her vibraphone.


Parents and children got the best seats in the house, right up close to the stage!


Tenor Aaron Crouch (right) portrayed Anansi the Spider. Anansi goes into the woods seeking a treasure to reward his daughters, who rescued him from a troublesome mishap. Lindsey Reynolds (left) and Sophia Maekawa (center) played Anansi's daughters, Esi and Afia.


Anansi discovers a great light in the forest, represented by the blue lanterns.


Anansi wants to give the light to one of his daughters as a reward, but he cannot decide which of his daughters was the most brave and heroic in helping him.


Anansi asks for help from Nyame, the god of all things, represented by the chorus. Nyame first suggests that since both daughters helped save Anansi, they should share the light.


Foolishly, Anansi and his daughters continue to argue over who deserves the light, and Nyame decides that if they cannot share, neither deserves to have the light to herself. Nyame sends the great light into the sky, where it shines as the moon and reminds everyone of the importance of sharing.


Lindsey Reynolds speaks with an audience member after the performance.


Sophia Maekawa poses with an audience member while signing autographs.


William Langlie-Miletich demonstrates the double bass up close.


Oboist Mekhi Gladden chats with students from Girard College, who performed as the chorus in the opera.