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Dale Mezzacappa covers South Philly High's production of "The Wiz," made possible in part through ArtistYear fellow Alize Rozsnyai's work at the school

Cast members from South Philly High's production of The Wiz included (from left) Nicolette Lee, Aniyah Denni, Davia Blair, and Myles Williams."Music, to me, is like breathing air."
—Davia Blair, one of two Dorothys in the South Philadelphia High production of  The Wiz

Writing for The Notebook, Dale Mezzacappa explores the history of music at South Philadelphia High School, once an artistic hub that produced musicians such as Marian Anderson, Chubby Checker, and more. Sadly, the music program at the school had since lain dormant for many years, but it has recently been revitalized under the leadership of music teacher Louis Russo, Curtis's ArtistYear fellows, and the school's previous and current principals.

Read more about this year's production of The Wiz, the second annual musical produced with help from ArtistYear fellow Alize Rozsnyai.