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Steven Hackman’s classical-rock fusion engages new audiences.

Steven HackmanMeet Curtis alumnus Steven Hackman in this spring's edition of Overtones!

Active as a composer, conductor, producer, and arranger, Steve works to break down barriers between different genres of music and reach new audiences, by creating works that combine classical and popular repertoire—such as Brahms v. Radiohead, an orchestral synthesis of the album OK Computer with the Brahms First Symphony, and Firebird: Remix/Response, a re-imagination of Stravinsky's ballet, fusing it with Steve's own orginal songs. He sees such fusions as entirely natural, combining works from different eras that nevertheless are "borne of the same musical processes and break down into the same raw materials." He finds it tremendously validating "to see a packed house composed mostly of people who are hearing these classical masterworks for the first time. That makes it all worth it."

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