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Meet the New Students: Alexandra Cooreman

Alexandra Cooreman is a member of the 2021 incoming class

Alexandra CooremanAlexandra Cooreman from Brussels, Belgium is among Curtis’s newest students who assembled at the Philadelphia campus this fall. A violinist in Ida Kavafian’s studio, she has won top prizes at international competitions and recently represented Belgium in the Eurovision Young Musicians competition in Edinburgh. She shares her enthusiasm for a new start at Curtis and remembers some of her most impactful performances as a student at the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel.



What has been your most important musical experience until now?

One I will remember until the end of my life is when I played nearly every night on a musical cruise called the Queen Elisabeth Music Voyage, organized by the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel. It was in 2016, I was thirteen years old. There was a concert every night with exceptional musicians and artists like Augustin Dumay, Maria Joao Pires, Miguel Da Silva, and Kerson Leong. Since the night I performed my last concert on that cruise, I really decided I want to play concerts all the time and travel from one country to another. This is the life I would like to have.


What excited you most about Curtis after attending orientation in August?

I got to meet so many new people and all are the same age as me! I have always spent time with people much older than me because I was homeschooled. Even when I was still at school, the other students didn’t understand why I had to practice so much. But now, I am lucky to have amazing friends at Curtis, who are just like me. I am really looking forward to experiencing all the great opportunities Curtis has to offer!


What was it like traveling to Curtis from abroad?

It was quite difficult to travel to the United States, but finally everything went well. The only thing that couldn’t be done is getting the permission to travel with my mother to the U.S.


What are your non-musical hobbies?

I love cooking! That is my second passion. I have been doing this for four or five years now. I was actually selling my food in Belgium. I have a cooking website called PetitChefAlex. (https://www.instagram.com/petitchefalex/)