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Meet the New Students: Adrian Wong

Adrian Wong is a member of the 2021 incoming class

Adrian Wong

Composition student Adrian Wong grew up in Hong Kong and completed his Bachelor of Music at the University of Michigan this past spring. He credits his undergraduate experiences with much of his musical growth, but is looking ahead to new—and some unexpected!—collaborations and opportunities at Curtis.



What has been your most important musical experience until now?

My most important musical experience so far has been completing my undergraduate degree and meeting so many performers and professors who would advocate for my music. Thanks to them, I’m having a piece premiered by the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra soon and already have a choral piece published by Hal Leonard.


What was your favorite part of orientation?

I never thought I would play dodgeball in Gould Rehearsal Hall ... but we did! It was definitely the most fun I’ve had during orientation. The whole right side of my body was sore the next couple of days! Exploring the art exhibits at Wonderspaces was also really eye-opening and inspiring. Concepts for a myriad of pieces flashed through my head as I was walking through that space.


What are you looking forward to most about attending Curtis?

Becoming friends with the best young performers in the world and collaborating with them to write music that we are all excited about. It’s only been a couple of weeks and I already have a piece planned for countertenor and string quartet!


What was the last performance you participated in?

I was very lucky to have a string quartet (about eggs!) premiered at the Lake George Music Festival in August. While I collaborated with other festivals and ensembles during the pandemic, it was the first live new music concert I’ve been to in ages. It reminded me what a valuable experience live music is and how, no matter the fidelity of the recording, live music can never be truly replicated.


What have you done to explore Philadelphia so far?

Due to missing home and living in Ann Arbor—a place with no Chinatown—for four years, I have eaten at five different ramen places in Philadelphia within the first week and a half of being here!