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Meet new Curtis student Subin Lee

New student Subin LeeSubin Lee is a member of the 2019 incoming class. A harpist, she studies with Elizabeth Hainen, principal harp of the Philadelphia Orchestra. Subin already has several competition wins and awards in her portfolio, and in addition to the harp, has studied piano and voice. Before entering Curtis, she participated in two programs that are part of Curtis Summerfest: the Young Artist Summer Program and the Harp Colony. She comes to Curtis from Seoul. Here she shares her musical path to this point and her excitement at joining the Curtis family.

How did you hear about Curtis?
I heard a spectacular recording in my early days of playing the harp. Ever since, that musician—Ms. Elizabeth Hainen—has been my favorite harpist. I admire the wonderful sound, diversity of color, and depth of the musical line that she puts into every one of her performances and recordings. I found out that Ms. Hainen was on faculty at this school. Then I learned about the opportunities Curtis offers to their students to make them great musicians, and it inspired me to want to come here.

How did attending Curtis Summerfest influence your musical journey?
The Young Artist Summer Program was a great opportunity to be in an orchestra and play chamber music with young musicians coming from different countries and backgrounds. I really enjoyed the choir classes every morning. And being able to get ensemble coachings and attending recitals by great faculty members was such a precious experience.

The Harp Colony offers wonderful master classes and seminars by Ms. Hainen and by Ms. Judy Loman that really help not only to improve technical skills, but to learn by listening to others and to broaden the perspective of opportunities we have as harpists and as 21st-century musicians. The mock audition is a great way to learn orchestra repertoire and get a peek of what it would be like to actually be in an audition setting.
What has been your most important musical experience so far?
A few years ago I encountered the most hard and painful times of my life. I really felt that what gave me the strength to get through those times was music. I truly felt how music can comfort a person's soul.

My goal as a musician has been sharing what I feel by playing the harp with those who are listening. Music can really heal the minds of people and can give them comfort. What I learned and felt during my hardest times still encourages me to pursue my dream.

What has surprised you about your Curtis experience?
I was amazed when I first came here to actually experience a life in the "multi-functional" Lenfest Hall. It is still so new to me that everything—practicing, sleeping, eating, taking classes—can all be done in one building!

What are you looking forward to most about attending Curtis?
I am really looking forward to orchestra rehearsals and performances. I am so excited to make music together with the students that I am meeting in classrooms, dorms, and the cafeteria! Being at this school is a great opportunity to develop performance skills through actual experience and learn so much from amazing teachers. I can't wait for the semester to progress!