Meet Our Partners

As Curtis students develop new skills, they also aim to be a positive force in the communities they serve. Social entrepreneurship and community artist programs at Curtis provide arts access and education in targeted neighborhoods to those who need and benefit from music the most.

Curtis is proud to work closely with community partners throughout the Philadelphia area.

Current Partners


  • Cayuga Elementary School
  • George Washington Carver High School of Engineering and Science
  • Girard College
  • South Philadelphia High School
  • William Cramp Elementary School
  • William H. Hunter Elementary School
  • Vare-Washington Elementary School

Healthcare Providers

  • Penn Memory Center
  • Penn Rittenhouse Hospice
  • Jefferson Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Musical Organizations

  • All-City Orchestra
  • Found Sound Nation
  • Play On, Philly!
  • Project 440

Community Organizations

  • The Village of Arts and Humanities
  • Project HOME
  • Broad Street Ministry
  • Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission

Correctional Facilities

  • Pennsylvania State Correctional Institution at Graterford
  • Pennsylvania State Correctional Institution at Phoenix

“Curtis and Project HOME have something very much in common. Bill Clinton once said that ‘Potential is equally distributed everywhere, but opportunity isn’t.’ And Curtis is such a phenomenal home for opportunity for so many incredibly talented musicians ... Project HOME is the same by providing affordable housing, education, employment, and healthcare. We see the potential of some of the men, women, and children who have been denied that opportunity for so long actually flourish by having the opportunity of a safe place to call home. So we love that connection with Curtis.”

—Sister Mary Scullion, Founder, Project HOME

“I am very grateful for the opportunity to showcase the work that I have done. I have written about 700 Shakespearean-style sonnets and I had the music in my head to [this] song for about two years. The music would not have come out and my song would not come to life. You guys made it possible.”

–Arthur R. Cohen, Resident, Project HOME

“[Having Stanislav Chernyshev (Clarinet ’14)] at South Philadelphia High School has been a total game changer for our program. In addition to his tremendous artistry, he brought resourcefulness and industriousness enough to navigate all the challenges of Philly public schools and bring a concert band to fruition.”

–Louis Russo, Music Director, South Philadelphia High School