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National Programs

As Curtis’s strategic plan notes, Curtis On Tour and national alumni events help spread Curtis’s reputation for quality of teaching, a remarkable student body, and the school’s unique environment.
Curtis on tour 2012
The school's comprehensive national programs directly support Curtis’s “learning by doing” philosophy, while engaging audiences and building support for Curtis’s fund-raising initiatives throughout the country.

National Friends of Curtis receive all the benefits of being a Curtis Annual Fund supporter, plus exclusive additional benefits.




national program goals

  • To communicate Curtis’s mission and programmatic objectives to internal and external constituencies, advancing the mission in each region
  • To broaden Curtis’s base of support outside of Philadelphia
  • To recruit and nurture leadership volunteers
  • To work collaboratively with staff, board, committees, and volunteers to cultivate and raise funds in these regions


For more information about scheduled performances and special events, visit pages for each of Curtis's National Programs areas below.


National Programs office, (215) 893-5279