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Support Students–Fellowship Program

Curtis’s merit-based full-tuition policy ensures that the school can attract the very best and most promising students—the legends of tomorrow. This policy is sustained by the many generous donors who have established endowed or annual named fellowships, which help to cover the training and financial aid costs of these extraordinary young musicians.

Named fellowships are assigned to Curtis students during their enrollment and are listed prominently in Curtis publications and in students’ biographical information.

Throughout the year fellowship donors and their students have opportunities to meet and develop wonderful relationships. Fellowship donors witness and participate in their students’ artistic, professional, and personal development.

Those who join the Curtis Fellowship Program by making a gift to name an endowed or annual fellowship help guarantee Curtis’s unique education today and for generations to come.

Student fellowship naming opportunities

What a Curtis education costs

$37,600 = the value of each undergraduate student’s full-tuition scholarship

$50,100 = the value of each graduate student’s full-tuition scholarship

62 percent of Curtis’s annual budget = proportion devoted to student financial aid and training cost

$1.3 million = the annual cost of financial aid alone—one of Curtis’s fastest growing expenses.

78 percent of Curtis students qualify for and receive financial aid.


Anthony J. Brown, director of annual giving, (215) 717-3127