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Photo credit: Pete Checchia

flute section in a rehearsal, photo by Pete Checchia
Curtis has traditionally attracted students through its worldwide reputation, its offer of merit-based full-tuition scholarships, and its renowned faculty. These attributes have ensured a supremely gifted student body from around the world. To continue to compete for the most talented students, Curtis must offer the best educational opportunities; the most highly regarded faculty and programs; first-rate facilities, resources, and technology; and robust financial aid.

Once students arrive at Curtis, they should expect clear assessments of their progress, helping them to fulfill their potential. Curtis’s youngest artists, while meeting the same artistic standards as their older peers, need special and holistic attention across every facet of their experience. In addition to all this, Curtis must stimulate global awareness of its stature as the first choice for students seeking performance careers.

Among the strategic steps Curtis took in FY 2012 to strengthen its educational environment and the opportunities it offers students:

  • through the opening of Lenfest Hall, provided optimal rehearsal spaces and teaching studios while making it possible for all students to find appropriate spaces for personal practice at any time
  • deployed information technology to manage student schedules and the distribution of performance opportunities, including an online performance calendar
  • secured eight new student fellowships, a total of nearly $3.5 million in annual and endowment giving